Hooked on Instagram? The social network will tell you how many hours you spend on it — 2022

Facebook tries to recover from one of the biggest crises it has suffered in its life time. with the scandal of Cambridge Analytica. The first thing they have had to do to try to raise their heads is to improve their privacy policies and adapt it to the new transparency policy that the European Union has imposed on all applications. In addition to this they have also started to add interesting news which are the ones that we are going to tell you about in this article, starting with Instagram.

Instagram will tell us how many hours we spend hooked on the social network

The application that will see a new functionality implemented in order to improve the reputation of the brand is Instagram that will tell us how many hours we spend hooked on the social network a day with a simple statistic, something that will surely help more than one to realize that they should e take action and leave Instagram aside a bit to focus on work or studies.

This functionality is not a great novelty that those of Facebook have proposed, but rather Google already announced something similar with YouTube. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting novelty to be able to have a more exhaustive control of how much time we spend in leisure applications. It might also be curious to include the possibility that you skip a notification when you spend too much time with the app open , a time that you define yourself.

We do not know when this novelty will be released publicly, although an image of a beta version on Android has already been leaked where you can see where these personal statistics would be located.

So if you spend too much time watching memes or watching the stories of your friends, making them spend their idle hours without studying or working, this can be your salvation. We hope that it does not take its toll on the application and we see that we have to uninstall it for spending too much time on it.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this new functionality and if you see any use for it.