Hiring an LTE rate from the iPad is not cheap — 2022

There are several companies that operate in Spain to give LTE connection to iPad . One of them is Truphone, where prices have just dropped, but it's still quite a high price.

The main advantage of contracting a data plan with our Apple ID directly from our iPad is that we don't need to write a contract .

It's basically a service. monthly The newspaper that you can cancel whenever you want just by going into the iOS settings.

Another advantage that we enjoy with this type of operator is that we can connect from several countries without paying an additional overhead.

LTE connection prices for iPad

iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch.

Actually we have 3 companies in which to choose, each one has different prices and features that, likewise, we can contract directly from the settings of our iPad.

Each one offers different particularities, from the most complex offering ridiculous data for hours or days , even flat rates with a fixed monthly price.

To connect to your networks LTE , they can offer us a physical SIM card or directly connect us with Apple SIM.

See the models that offer Apple SIM.


This company offers the following plans for Spain and other countries. If we want to connect a single day , we can do it by 10 euros , where we will have the right to 300 MB . If we want a monthly plan, we can choose between these options:

  • 1 GB for 25 euros
  • 2 GB for 35 euros
  • 5 GB for 50 euros

Allways Online

Here they go a little further, they offer plans to connect for hours through their 4G line. Each hour is priced at $0.99 with a maximum discharge of 20 MB . If we want a pass one day , the price goes up to $9.99 and a limit of 200 MB . If we opt for a monthly plan, these would be the prices:

  • 500MB for $19.99
  • 1GB $39.99
  • 3GB for $89.99


This operated it is Spanish , their prices are lower than the competition, but also very high compared to a traditional operator.

One of the advantages of Truphone is that they allow us to test the service freeup to 100MB usage . Their monthly prices have just received a discount of 1 euro in each of their modalities, leaving them in the following situation:

  • 500 MB for 6 euros
  • 1 GB for 10 euros
  • 3 GB for 25 euros

maybe for one emergency , it would be convenient to contract some of the offers that we find in our iPad, but not for regular use, since the extra cost in LTE would be very high compared to a traditional data card.


That yes, clear advantage that we have, is that we do not need to hire anything or use a physical SIM card in some of the iPad that Apple has in its catalog.

What do you think of these prices to connect to the Internet? How do you usually connect to the Internet from your iPad?