Hiking lover? Find the routes with your iPhone — 2022

Finding new hiking trails can be a real challenge as ignorance can be scary. That is why there are applications such as wikiloc that allow you to consult all the available data of the routes around you. In this article we will tell you all the details about this app and why it will end up making you fall in love.

Explore routes in your area

If you are a hiking lover, as soon as you enter the application you will have an extensive list with numerous hiking trails in your area. Although you can also search by location if you are planning to take a trip to another part of the country in order to organize the routes you are going to take. In total there are more than 18 million routes throughout the world that are shown on different cards. In these interesting information is given such as the distance, the unevenness and also the difficulty as well as different photographs of the entire route that you are going to access.

Wikiloc Wikipedia

By entering each of the tabs you can have much more detailed information. For example, data is given on the maximum minimum altitude, the weather and also a graph of the levels. That is, at what distance you start to climb and when you go down, in addition to the pronunciation of each of the slopes that you will go up and down. At the end you will see the complete itinerary and you will be able to save the route to be able to do it in the future. The problem is that you need to have a subscription to track the route you are going to take or send it to the Apple Watch. This monthly or annual payment may be worth it if you are a great fan of hiking. Right at the beginning you will obviously have the map with all the critical points and possible beginnings of the route.

In the 'Explore' tab you can filter all the routes to suit your tastes. You can choose whether to do it walking, running, cycling... in addition to marking the distance, the difference in altitude or the months in which they were recorded.

Record the routes you are going to do

In the event that you know a route that is not registered in the application, you can always record it. This is done in the second tab that is included where with a simple button you can start monitoring the route you are doing. Through the GPS, all the way you are doing will be recorded, as well as the elevation, taking as a reference the cartographic maps that the application stores and uses. Added to this are the indicators of distance traveled, average speed, time in motion... All these values ​​are very important both for personal monitoring and so that they are later reflected for the rest of the people who want to consult it later.

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Also on the map itself where you follow all the way you are doing you can have access to the camera. In this way you will be able to have all the photos of the route in one place together with all the data that has been collected. They will also be available to anyone who wants to check the route. When you finish it, you can enter different query data such as the name or the itinerary.

Account and subscription

You have the possibility of creating an account in this application to be able to store all the routes that you are doing as well as those that you want to do and that you have consulted. But to be able to enjoy all the features that are included and the synchronization with the Apple Watch, you have to pay a subscription. In addition to this compatibility, you can allow live monitoring of the route so that your families or friends know where you are at all times in case there is an accident and they cannot contact you.

Wikiloc Wikipedia

The price of this subscription varies depending on the number of months you want to hire. In the case of the annual subscription, you will only pay €9.99, which is €0.83 per month. In the event that you only want to hire three months, you can pay only €4.99. You always have a trial period of 14 days so you can test if it is an application that meets all your expectations.