The highlights of Apple's new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max — 2022

There were many rumors about Apple I was preparing a iPhone type phablet and an updated iPhone X, which is known as the improved version of the previous generation, the generation called s.

both the version Xs like the Xs Max they share the same features, except for screen size, resolution, and weight. In addition to a greater increase in battery, something normal seeing the proportions of both.

From there, the specifications are exact between one and the other. Some specifications that come to make a leap in quality in augmented reality in photography, where Phil Schiller called it the new era of photography and in the possibility of adding up to two telephone numbers thanks to the e.g , with which we get a dual SIM in our iPhone.

A12 Bionic, the muscle of the iPhone Xs

This new processor is capable of performing demanding tasks without hardly noticing heating or excessive battery consumption. Apple claims that it is 11% more powerful than the A11 Bionic, all while consumes up to 50% less battery than its predecessor.

We are not talking about a circumstantial improvement, we are talking about a real improvement in performance, especially at the graphic level. Thanks to the Apple-designed 4-core GPU , graphics performance can be up to 50% faster than iPhone X.

5 billion operations. Yes, that number of vertigo is the one that is capable of performing the Neural Engine . This new version is capable of learning to anticipate events and establish patterns that improve its performance according to our daily use. With an architecture of 8 cores , it can perform all the tasks we assign to it without any signs of slowing down. Ultimately, it's up to 9 times faster than the current iPhone X.

12-megapixel cameras with Smart HDR

Apple is proud to talk about the cameras built into iPhones, as they are the most popular in the world. This was stated by himself Tim Cook during the launch event. Although we may think that it is the same camera as the iPhone X, there are many improvements. Improvements that come hand in hand with the Neural Engine.

The specifications of the new cameras that incorporate the new iPhone Xs and Max considerably improve the focal aperture to capture more light in low light conditions.

Another of the most outstanding novelties is the function Smart HDR , where we will have a really important improvement on the tones of our captured photographs. Shortly after, Phil Schiller He stated that thanks to all the new features incorporated, it will be much easier to take a good picture with beautiful results .

iPhone Xs and Xs Max rear cameras

  • 12 megapixels
  • Wide f/1.8
  • Telephoto F/2.4
  • Dual OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)
  • 4K video up to 60 f/p

TueDepth front camera

  • 7 megapixels
  • F/2,2
  • New video stabilization
  • 1080p HD recording up to 60 fps
  • Designed for Portrait mode, Animoji and Memoji

Super Retina OLED display

Apple greatly improved the technology YOU ARE to incorporate it into the iPhone X, the new versions were not going to be less, with which we have what could be called the best OLED screens on the market.

Both iPhones have a density of 448 pixels per inch , with a contrast of 1,000,000:1 and a wide color gamut that allows color management throughout the system. That is, more real colors and less intensive in terms of mixing them.

To accompany these spectacular screens of 6.5 and 5.8″, Apple has equipped the new iPhone with Dolby Vision speakers and HDR10 to improve our experience when watching a series on our smartphone.

design and colors

This new generation follows in the footsteps of the iPhone X, we are not going to fool ourselves, there is no apparent change. But it is a simple design, with an all-screen front and a very high degree of acceptance . We already know Apple's policy, If the design is good and it works, you have to stretch it as much as possible. With which, with these new models they were not going to be less (it is not something negative, much less).

Both iPhones will be available from the next September 21st , but if we want to ensure the stock for that day, we will have to make a reservation next Friday 4th of September . We recommend that you be attentive first thing in the morning (09:01 Spanish local time), as the reservation page could be saturated and you will quickly run out of units.

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