High Explosives v2, the first Fortnite event for iPhone and iPad players — 2022

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the games of the year due to the great pull it is having among users around the world. The last move of Epic was to transfer it to the iPhone and the iPad where it has turned out to be a real success, saturating all servers requiring users to enter only with an invitation, although it is already totally free to play without requiring any invitation. Now, from Epic they are going to release a new event where players can participate from their iPhone or iPad.

Ready for the next Fortnite event?

Users look for novelties in this type of game, both in weapons, for example, and in the different mechanics that it incorporates, something that developers will introduce little by little, so you don't stop playing any day, because if there's something good about Fortnite, it's that some games are very short, unlike PUBG.

In the next few days we will see a new event that will receive the name of High Explosives v2 , something very similar to what we saw in the December event but with various modifications. The big news is that players who play on a mobile platform will also be able to participate in this event together with users who have a PlayStation 4, Xbox One y PC.

The goal of this event is basically to blow up everything you have on hand on the map. This means that you will not find any machine gun or pistol on the ground, but rather We can only find explosive weapons such as grenades, impulse grenades, remote explosives, rocket launchers or guided missiles. With all this we will have to blow up anyone we meet. In addition, they will also reduce the time of the first four storms will be reduced to 1:50 minutes and there will be no friendly fire either, encouraging team building.


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