Hidden trick to have a notification LED on iPhone — 2022

If you come from Android or at least know how these work, you will already know that many have a small LED that flashes or shows a certain color when a notification has been received. This is not the case with the iPhone, or at least not in that way, since it does allow you to have, in a way, a light notice when calls or notifications are received apart from allowing youcreate and put a ringtone from the iPhone. You do not know how? Well keep reading because we will tell you.

This is how this functionality is activated

First of all, where is the Apple notification LED? In the rear and more specifically in the position of the cameras. Indeed, we are referring to the flash of the device and it is these diodes that act as a warning light when the iPhone receives a notification, since it begins to flash to warn you.

The way to add it is very simple, since you only have to go to Settings> Accessibility> Audio/visual, and once here activate the Flashing LED Warnings option . It should be noted that this only activates when the iPhone is locked and that it can be activated or not to also light up when the device is silent.

led notification iphone

Is it really useful in practice?

The operation of this notification LED not the same as on Android , so we start from different functionalities. What this does is make the flash blink several times when a notification is received or keep blinking when a call is received until the device stops ringing. So it is a useful function. to find out at the moment that you have received something, but it is not a function that allows you to know after a few minutes as it does in Android, since in them the LED stays on.

One aspect to note is that even with the iPhone face up with the flash covered, it is possible to see the flashes. And yes, it is upside down, even more so, since it is powerful enough to find out when you receive the warning. Therefore, yes, it is useful for notlose notifications on iPhone, although if you expected a continuous warning until you see the notification, it will not do you much good.

flash light iphone

Why doesn't Apple add a notification LED?

Just as iPhones have certain differential elements such as the sound switch, which despite being introduced in some Androids is not their standard, devices from other manufacturers also have this type of peculiarity. Although it is true that in recent years, where all-screen smartphones abound, this small LED has been left behind in most models.

The reason why Apple has never implemented something like this is unknown for sure. And it is most likely that there is no obscure reason or thoughtful study why they have decided so. They simply have never wanted to implement it and that's it. After all, it is a functionality that can be useful for many, but in the end it is not an essential element in a mobile device like the iPhone.