HeartWatch, the definitive app to control your heart — 2022

With HeartWatch you will be able to control how your heart works, monitoring your pulsations, as well as having a really useful and functional informative graph.

What I was looking for appeared

One of the shortcomings that we can see in our Apple watch is better control of our heart. I already know that we have a built-in pulse meter, which also makes automatic periodic measurements. He is recognized as the wearable that best measures heart rate, as I told you in this article some days ago.

Although the data is very positive, I was still missing a better and more complete control of my heart, and this I was able to find when I discovered HeartWatch. And you will ask yourself, what is the difference between the native app and the one you mention today? Well, now I will tell you why this app has definitely stayed on my Apple Watch.

HeartWatch, designed to take care of your heart

The first point that should be highlighted is perhaps the reluctance to buy this app, since it costs three and a half euros, although I already recognize that they deserve to be paid without any doubt. At first it may seem expensive, but once you start using it, you see that it pays off. I think Regarding health issues, you should not think too much about money , since in this case the app can notify us when something is not going well.

Example of what the HeartWatch interface looks like

The part I like the most is the design of the app. Simple and intuitive, without complications. It is much more complete than the native Health app – which, by the way, should be improved by Apple in future versions – and it stores the data in a very visual way. Once we start moving around the app We will see many similarities with the Watch Activity app , since it also uses circles to give us the information. In this case, it tells us which heart rate band we are in, with three indicative colors: red for high frequencies, purple for medium-high frequencies, and finally blue for low resting frequencies. There are also a couple of shades in brown for low or very low frequencies.

This app is ideal for those people who have a heart problem , but it is also good for the rest of the users to know if everything is going well in our hearts. It can even serve as a support to show our doctor the measurements if we see that there are too red in our circle.

Be careful with your pulses!

It is an option that the app gives us, and it is the possibility of receiving a notification on your watch in the event that your pulses rise above the number of pulses that you configure. This, together with Apple's Breathe app, is the perfect complement to help us relax and lower our heart rate, since the life we ​​lead now is usually hectic and full of stress, causing so many anxiety problems .

You can also control how your heart has been behaving from the iPhone app, where it shows you a calendar in which you can see the minimum and maximum frequency of each day. You yourself can make a balance thanks to the colors. In any case, if you see in the graphs that red predominates, perhaps you should tell your doctor. There is always a range of normal pulses, find out beforehand and don't be alarmed.

Something that I really like is the way in which we can control our heart rate in certain situations. There are a total of four situations or categories: in training, when waking up, while sleeping or regular. This is where you can see if your rhythm is normal or if there is a problem.

App for Apple Watch

HeartWatch on Apple Watch

Until now I have taught you more or less how the app works on the iPhone, but the good thing about this application is that it is also very intuitive and easy to use on the Apple Watch. To give you the most reliable measurement possible, perform a total of five consecutive measurements , of which he takes an average. In addition, you can also access the different categories that I mentioned before from the Watch. A pass to be able to carry all this data on the wrist.

If you liked everything you've read and want to take care of your health, from here you can download this app. Once you use it you will discover more really interesting functions. Soon I will bring you the analysis of the app from the same company to control your sleep, complementing HeartWatch.