This is Jony Ive's successor at Apple who also aims to be Tim Cook's — 2022

More than a week ago what could be one of the news of the year in Apple and probably also of the last five years jumped: thejony ive march. Although this march may not yet have fully happened until the end of the year, the truth is that the Cupertino company is already beginning to plan for the future without Ive and is looking for new figures for the areas that will be orphaned without the legendary designer.

Jeff Williams, Ive's successor at Apple and… future CEO?

Until now the director of operations of Apple, Jeff Williams , is called to be one of the key figures after the departure of Jony Ive from the company. The plot of the supervision of the product design team could now be supervised by this man from whom much is expected within the company. The Wall Street Journal also recently published a reportage with which we get a little closer to the figure of Williams.

Jony Ive

Jony Ive

According to some sources close to Apple and consulted by TWSJ, Williams would have been very participative in recent years in terms of Apple product development. . Some pointed out that this man was even more visible than the company's CEO, Tim Cook.

More than two decades is what Williams has been working at Apple, specifically since 1998 . During this time, several projects stood out in which he was one of the most visible heads, such as the design of the iPhone 4 . During that aforementioned project, Williams would have been one of the great supporters of Apple's ability to create good designs. However, there are those who doubt that Williams can have the same charisma and skills as Ive to become such an important figure in the company.

or Ive himself. Therefore, those possibilities of Williams as a potential candidate for this coveted position would still be far away.

Be that as it may, it seems that Ive's departure will have internal changes and it remains to be seen if this will be reflected for users. We must not forget that the new company that Ive will direct will continue to be linked to Apple and therefore it is likely that the design of some products will continue to bear his stamp.

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