Barber vocation? You'll love these iPhone and iPad games — 2022

There are many professions that little by little are being taken to the field of simulation games. In this way you can learn the secrets of this profession at all times from your own iPhone or iPad. In this case we are going to focus on those people attracted by the profession of hairdressers and hairdressers. In this article we show you the best games available to become a successful hairdresser.

What to look for in the perfect game

In the App Store you can find many games that are focused on hairdressing and also barbershops. Although, each one has different peculiarities that must be taken into account before carrying out the corresponding installation. In order to always have the best possible option installed, we summarize the characteristics to take into account below:

    setting: when we talk about hairdressers, the setting that is given is varied. A beauty salon can be highlighted that is intended for a mixed public and has the capacity to comb, dye or wash hair. In the second case, you can find a typical barbershop that is mainly focused on beard care and shaping. Both settings can be found in different games. Recommended age:When talking about hairdressing games, it is easy to think that they are suitable for the little ones in the house, both boys and girls. It is important to know that there are options that are for more adults. That is why the recommended age must be observed, to know if your sons or daughters will be able to play it without having to always supervise what they are doing in the game. Difficulty: This is another key point to keep in mind and that is linked to the recommended age of each of the video games found in the App Store. When you want an easy option, you always have to look for those games that have fairly intuitive mechanics and, above all, are easy to assimilate. Although, there are also other options that can penalize much more when there is some type of error. Price: This is undoubtedly one of the great points to keep in mind when you want to enjoy a good game. In most of the options that can be found in the App Store, the initial price is free. But you always have to be very careful since in some options you can find integrated purchases to be able to unlock extra content.

Options that combine makeup and hairdressing

In the App Store you can find many games that are focused on hair salons. As in real life, it combines both the fact of making incredible hairstyles for men and women as well as doing makeup sessions. Below we show you the most recommended options that can be found.

hair salon game

hair salon game

Let your imagination run wild to create amazing games with this popular game. In the App Store it has very good ratings, placing it in the number 1 position in its category. You can create cool hairstyles and haircuts. You can choose if you want curly hair, straight or let it grow. In this case you will have at your disposal the option to cut it, wash it, dry it and also apply different dyes by adding accessories to the hair itself.

Keep in mind that the developers always detail that this is a game that is suitable for boys and girls. There are many parents who rely on this type of mechanics that are quite easy and intuitive. The interface is adapted for children and there is no need for adult supervision while children are enjoying this incredible game.

Hairdressing game-for girls Hairdressing game-for girls Descargar QR-Code Hairdressing game-for girls Developer: Pazu Games Ltd

Let's dye!

to dye

In this game you will have an entire hairdressing salon under your responsibility. The clients will not stop arriving and your goal is always to ensure that they have the best possible experience when passing through your hairdresser's chair. As the name of the game indicates, it is very focused on performing the task of dyeing your own hair with different colors. This is where creativity should be left completely to have a totally different hair color.

Likewise, you can also find some options to cut your hair and give it a different style. In this way you can find the option of leaving it completely smooth but also leaving it finished in a peak. In the case of the bangs you can change it completely. But no hairdresser can go without a good wash, and this is what you can get in this game. You will have at your disposal shampoo, conditioner and you will provide a great service.

Let's dye! Let's dye! Descargar QR-Code Let's dye! Developer: Crazy Labs

hair salon games

hair salon games

The option that is always indicated for those fans of beauty salons. It allows you to easily prepare any client you have in your salon chair. You will be able to mix and match the different colors of dye to apply them to your hair in an easy way creating styles that are unique. Beyond the dye colors, you can also curl or straighten the client's hair by adding all kinds of accessories to make it look as wonderful as possible.

It is for all this that if you like to give your hair a new style, this is the option that will best suit you. In the last big update, new clients were included to create new hairstyles from all over the world. In addition, you can also wash and lighten your character's hair and even choose between 8 color containers. And if you want to leave the perfect client, you have the possibility of doing her make-up too.

Hairdressing Games Hairdressing Games Descargar QR-Code Hairdressing Games Developer: BWEB SARL

Hair Makeover

hair makeover

Handle the scissors like a real hairdresser! This game offers you all the tools so you can practice how you want your clients' hair to look. You will have in your hand different tools and the possibility of practicing with the test mode. You have four models that are waiting for your skills as a stylist so that you can make them really beautiful with the most innovative style possible.

To these models you will be able to offer basic hair care, a cut and a perfect final touch. You will start by washing your hair with a foaming shampoo and water, then dry it with a towel or dryer. Finally, obviously you should comb it with the dryer or the iron. Keep in mind that it can get to the point that you cut your hair too short and you can't do the hairstyle. But in this case there is a hair growth elexir.

Hair Makeover - Change of look Hair Makeover - Change of look Descargar QR-Code Hair Makeover - Change of look Developer: pilcom

Hairdressing: Family Portrait

family portrait

Really different game that doesn't focus so much on being a faithful hair salon simulator. The story focuses on a mother who is a famous trapeze artist who has managed to reunite her family to remember the distant 85s, when she worked in the circus with her 8 children. The only thing missing was a family photo to remember this situation, but there was a problem: they are all very different now due to the passage of time.

That is why your mission will be to prepare all the members of the family so that they appear correctly in the photograph. You will have to fix their hair and also their clothes. You will find different tools of a hairdresser such as a razor blade, an electric razor, lotion for hair with dreadlocks, a curling iron or a hair straightener. Without a doubt, it is a very varied game that will allow you to have a very good time with a clear objective in front of you.

Hair Salon: Family Portrait Hair Salon: Family Portrait Descargar QR-Code Hair Salon: Family Portrait Developer: MagisterApp

Games focused on barbershops

Beyond the hairdressers focused solely on making incredible hairstyles, you have to keep in mind that there are also barbershops and therefore it also has different games. These barbershops, in addition to cutting hair, are also specialists in outlining a beard or cutting it completely. Here we show you the best applications in this regard.

Barber Chop

barber Chop

Game that allows you to create a design, cut with precision and practice the contour shape you want to have in your hair. Once you have created the design accurately you can save it in your photo albums. In this way you can show it to your hairdresser or hairdresser so that they can replicate this same hairstyle that you have designed yourself. A total of 16 characters can be found in the game: 6 women, 9 men and 1 teenager.

You will have at your disposal all the tools used in a barbershop such as razors, scissors, razors or clip protectors. It is important to point out that they have wanted to provide the maximum possible realism since if you activate the volume while you play you will be able to see how the sounds are reproduced quite accurately. The image can be rotated and designed on each side without any problem.

Barber Chop Barber Chop Descargar QR-Code Barber Chop Developer: Lajeune and Associates, LLC

Barber Salon Sim

barber salon sim

Become a true professional bib with this game that will allow you to create incredible hairstyles to satisfy the client. The environment that is created is quite realistic and you will have to take into account numerous factors. One of them is the time that will always appear on the screen. You should never get over it and you will have to have the hairstyle finished to prevent the client from getting angry. If it takes much longer you will see how in the end the assessment it gives you is quite negative.

You will have at your disposal scissors, razors and also razor blades. In this way, in addition to cutting the hair on the head, you can also customize the beard and outline it in the best possible way. This is where your creative side will always come in to finally transfer exactly what is requested to the client. In this way you will see that it is not really easy to be a barber.

barber shop hair salon sim barber shop hair salon sim Descargar QR-Code barber shop hair salon sim Developer: Umar Dilawar

Barber Shop Simulator 3D

Game that will allow you to live the fantasy life of a high level barber. It is a simulation game that tries to offer the most realistic experience possible by having different tools available to carry out this task, such as a razor, scissors, comb or razor blade. It has a total of 25 levels and each one will have its own particular challenge. It should be noted that as you level up, the difficulty also increases.

Those clients who want to shave their beards will not be very easy. They will always want something special like you leave a perfect mustache. Obviously this is something that only a professional barber can do. Put the blade under the nose and make sure to always follow the contours of the client's face. Do not tear your skin or spend a lot of time with each client, as this can cause you to have a bad evaluation at the end of the service.

Barber Shop Simulator 3D Barber Shop Simulator 3D Descargar QR-Code Barber Shop Simulator 3D Developer: Stefano Frassi

The most recommended

We have been able to verify that there are many games that can be found in the App Store that are related to hairdressers. Although, we must highlight several of them. The first is the best valued by the audience, which is hair salon game and that integrates different professional tools so that anyone can become a hairdresser. It is specially designed for the little ones at home thanks to a very simple interface to use and with a really low difficulty.

The second option we recommend is Portrait Family. This one has a backstory that is really innovative and we don't see in the rest of the games that they only focus on one mechanic. We believe that it is worth taking advantage and giving this story a chance. It is one of the games where you will be able to find more tools right now to develop your creative capacity.