Guaranteed suspense in Home Before Dark, the Apple TV + series — 2022

Based in part on a true story, Home Before Dark is an exclusive series on Apple TV+ whose plot revolves around the investigations of a 9-year-old girl. It is also known as The Chronicles of Hilde Lisko in Spanish. It was released in April 2020 with a first season consisting of 10 episodes. The great critics have made good reviews of this and in this post we tell you everything you need to know about this mysterious story.


    Director/a:each episode is directed by a different person. Creators:Dana Fox and Dara Resnik. Executive producers:Dana Fox, Dara Resnik, Joy Gorman Wettels, Jon M. Chu, Rosemary Rodriguez, Garett Lernet, Russel Friend, and Sharlene Martin. Writers:Dana Fox, Dara Resnik, Garett Lernet, Ann Cherkis, Carla Ching, Joe Hortua, Lucas O’Connor, Thembi L. Banks, Hillary Cunin y Russel Friend. Production companies:Electric Somewhere., Foxy, Little Bear Ink, Anonymous Content y Paramount Television. Classification:+16. Distribution channels and platforms:Apple TV+.

Characters and actors

    Hilde Liskointerpreted by Brooklynn Prince. Matt Liskointerpreted by Jim Sturgess. Bridget Jenseninterpreted by Abby Miller. Izzi Liskointerpreted by Kylie Roger. Lt. Frank Briggs Jrinterpreted by Michael Weston. Kim Collinsinterpreted by Joelle Carter. Deputy Mackenzieinterpreted by Aziza Scott. Frank Briggsinterpreted by Louis Herthum. Jack Fifeinterpreted by Adrian Hough. Donny Davisinterpreted by Jibrail Nantambu. Wesley Witherspooninterpreted by Deric McCabe.

Season 1

On April 3, 2020, the 10 episodes corresponding to the first season of Home Before Dark were released in their entirety. A different premiere to what Apple is used to with its great series, since it usually releases 2 or 3 episodes and the rest are published weekly until the end of the batch. In this case we find a plot that begins to take shape around little Hilde Lisko, who at 9 years of age begins a detailed investigation on her behalf with the firm objective of discovering the truth about an old crime without sort out. All this happens when she, along with her family, has to move to her father's hometown located on the east coast of the United States.

Chapter 1 (1 × 01): The magic hour

    Premiere:April 3, 2020. Duration:54 minutes. Directed by:Jon M. Chu. Written by:Dana Fox and Dara Resnik. Synopsis:Little Hilde Lisko must start a new life in a small town called Erie Harbor from which her father hails. A shocking event changes everything and opens the door for the young woman to work as a reporter and investigator.

Chapter 2 (1 × 02): It will never be the same

    Premiere:April 3, 2020. Duration:51 minutes. Directed by:Jon M. Chu. Written by:Garett Lerner. Synopsis:Hilde is already adjusting to life in Erie Harbor and has even made friends. Ella's father Matt intervenes in her particular investigation, and he has to face her own past and reconnect with her father.

Chapter 3 (1 × 03): It stings like a bee

    Premiere:April 3, 2020. Duration:43 minutes. Directed by:Rosemary Rodriguez. Written by:Ann Cherkis. Synopsis:Hilde uncovers a key yet dangerous clue that forces her to meet a possible suspect. On the other hand, Matt is reunited with an old friend, but things do not end well.

Chapter 4 (1 × 04): The Bird Man

    Premiere:April 3, 2020. Duration:41 minutes. Directed by:Rosemary Rodriguez. Written by:Carla Ching. Synopsis:Hilde, along with Donny and Sponn, discover a mysterious guy nicknamed the Bird Man. This could have information of great importance to solve the case of Richie Fife, but it will not be an easy task to make him speak.

Chapter 5 (1 × 05): The green bicycle

    Premiere:April 3, 2020. Duration:47 minutes. Directed by:Kat Candler. Written by:Joe Hortua. Synopsis:The investigations move forward, and the more information Hilde has, the more convinced she becomes that the Richie Fife case was closed with a wrongful indictment. She is willing to prove that the man convicted thirty years ago was innocent.

Chapter 6 (1×06): 140 kilometers per hour

    Premiere:April 3, 2020. Duration:57 minutes. Directed by:Kat Candler. Written by:Lucas O’Connor. Synopsis:Hilde and Matt go to a fun party inspired by the mythical 80's and it is in this place where they both find a clue that promises to be key in advancing the investigation. Frank decides to break the rules in order to get to the bottom of the matter.

Chapter 7 (1 × 07): Search team

    Premiere:April 3, 2020. Duration:41 minutes. Directed by:Jim McKay. Written by:Thembi L. Banks. Synopsis:Tragedy is chewed and the tension could be cut with a knife. Hilde has disappeared and Matt's worst nightmares come true.

Chapter 8 (1 × 08): The future belongs to women

    Premiere:April 3, 2020. Duration:42 minutes. Directed by:Jim McKay. Written by:Hillary Cunin. Synopsis:The blatant corruption in Erie Harbor wears on Hilde's patience, and she decides to start a movement to placate him. Matt and Bridget, meanwhile, try to work out their differences and resume their relationship.

Chapter 9 (1 × 09: Super monster exterminator

    Premiere:April 3, 2020. Duration:48 minutes. Directed by:Kate Woods. Written by:Dana Fox and Dara Resnik. Synopsis:The case of Richie Fife takes a turn, as a major find leads to an arrest no one expected. Matt and Hilde decide to go out and gather as much information as possible about the suspect.

Chapter 10 (1×10): Bigger than all of us

    Premiere:April 3, 2020. Duration:43 minutes. Directed by:Rosemary Rodriguez. Written by:Russel Friend. Synopsis:Hilde is close to solving the case, but definitive evidence appears in the lake that really leads to an even bigger and more complicated mystery.

Season 2

After what was seen at the end of the first season, with a very open ending and the favor of the public and critics, Apple decided to give a second run of episodes of this series. Finally launched the June 11, 2021 with a first episode that would be followed by 9 more during the following weeks.

Chapter 11 (2 × 01): Do not give up

    Premiere:June 11, 2021. Duration:44 minutes. Directed by:Kat Candler. Written by:Dana Fox and Dara Resnik. Synopsis:Little Hilde has kept the mystery of Richie Fife on her mind, so a strange explosion in town makes her instincts kick in again and she decides to start delving back into the secrets of Erie Harbor.

Chapter 12 (2 × 02): I believe you

    Premiere:June 18, 2021. Duration:42 minutes. Directed by:Howard Deutch. Written by:Russel Friend y Hillary Cunin. Synopsis:When everything seems to be going well, an unexpected blackout occurs. There are suspicions that it is not fortuitous, but in any case Hilde does not want her investigation to be complicated and tries to remain involved in it by other means.

Chapter 13 (2 × 03): Facing the ghost

home before dark 2x03

    Premiere:June 25, 2021. Duration:42 minutes. Directed by:David Katzenberg. Written by:Garrett Lerner y Chloe Durkin. Synopsis:Hilde continues her investigations thanks to a clue that could help her grandfather. For their part, Matt and Bridget are overwhelmed with Izzy's upbringing, which is becoming increasingly rebellious.

Chapter 14 (2 × 04): Development Room

home before dark 2x04

    Premiere:July 2, 2021. Duration:41 minutes. Directed by:Kate Woods. Written by:Rusel Friend, Christine Roum y Garret Lerner. Synopsis:Hilde follows the trail of money that ends up in the most powerful company in Erie Harbor. On the other hand, someone reappears in Izzy's life in a totally unexpected way.

Chapter 15 (2×05): The black box

home before dark 1x05

    Premiere:July 9, 2021. Duration:44 minutes. Directed by:Myron Kerstein. Written by:Russel Friend y Krystle Drew. Synopsis:Hilde begins to find out things based on the black box of the plane and finds a somewhat unusual surprise. Matt for his part begins to suspect strange things about his father because he never knew much about him.

Chapter 16 (2 × 06): What's Out There

home before dark 2x06

    Premiere:July 16, 2021. Duration:43 minutes. Directed by:Edward Ornellas. Written by:Molly Nussbaum. Synopsis:Hilde asks her father for help to continue her investigations and they travel together to an island far away from Erie Harbor. Once they are there looking for clues they run into something very rugged in a lake.

Chapter 17 (2 × 07): Just a role

home before dark 2x07

    Premiere:July 23, 2021. Duration:46 minutes. Directed by:Karen Moncrieff. Written by:Joe Hortua. Synopsis:The Lisko family is fully involved in trying to help Sylvester recover his memory, although Hilde has another mission with her gang and this will have serious consequences.

Chapter 18 (2 × 08): The bad guy

home before dark 2x08

    Premiere:July 30, 2021. Duration:42 minutes. Directed by:Edward Ornellas. Written by:Molly Nussbaum y Adam Starks. Synopsis:Little Hilde tries to get back on her feet and apologize to Donny and Spoon, but Grant won't make it easy. On the other hand, Spirit Week has arrived and that awakens old fears that Izzy thought had already been overcome.

Chapter 19 (2×09): An important life

home before dark 2x09

    Premiere:August 6, 2021. Duration:42 minutes. Directed by: Howard Deutch. Written by:Joe Hortua. Synopsis:The Lisko family is hit by an unexpected tragedy. Added to this is the fact that Hilde is prohibited from publishing her newspaper, leading to a protest led by Izzy.

Chapter 20 (2 × 10): The proof of the crime

home before dark 2x10

    Premiere:August 13, 2021. Duration:44 minutes. Directed by:Not confirmed. Written by:Not confirmed. Synopsis:Matt and Hilde manage to find the answers they were looking for and together with the rest of their family, they manage to unite the entire town to join their cause.

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