Guide to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to Windows computer — 2022

Transferring photos from iPhone to Windows computer is not impossible. It is true that the famous Apple ecosystem allows a better synchronization of the mobile with the Mac, but in the Microsoft operating system it is also possible to transfer files such as photos and videos. Here are several methods to transfer your photos from iPhone to PC.

Using the Windows file manager

One of the classic methods of transferring files between a mobile and a computer is via cable. With the iPhone and a Windows computer is no exception, so you can transfer photos and videos from your gallery very easily. Yes, you must have a cable compatible with the iPhone port, which is always Lightning except for iPhone 4s and earlier. And also at the other end it must be compatible with the computer, being able to be USB-A or USB-C.

Once you have located the cable, you just have to follow these simple steps:

    Connect your iPhone to PCthrough the wire.
  1. On your computer, open Computer/My PC.
  2. Locate and enter the device folder iPhone , which will generally be called or put something like Apple iPhone.
    photos from iPhone to PC View of 'This PC' in Windows with the iPhone visible in 'Devices and Drives'
  3. Once you are inside the device folder you should locate a folder called DCIM. In this you will find a few other folders in which the iPhone photos are stored.
  4. Open each of the folders until you find the photo(s) you want to transfer.
  5. Select one, several or all the photos and right click with the mouse and then click on ‘ copy '.
  6. Go to a folder on your computer where you want to save the photos, right click and this time choose the option ‘ paste '.

It should be noted that this process, which is extremely simple and intuitive, can also be carried out by selecting photos and dragging them to the destination folder.

Through specialized apps

Although we will see in this article some methods to transfer photos that do not require any installation, the truth is that the use of specialized tools can be a plus. The reason for this is that they usually offer additional functions, while working very intuitively. Below you will see two that we recommend in this regard to be able to comfortably transfer your photos and videos from the iPhone to your Windows computer.

Tools like EaseUS MobiMover

In the iOS App Store we can find a multitude of apps that offer options to transfer photos from iPhone to PC, but one of the ones that we recommend is EaseUS MobiMover because it is one of the most efficient, as well as being very intuitive and complete. The good thing about this application is that it is a complete manager available for Mac and Windows. Therefore, the brand of your computer will not matter, since you will be able to synchronize your iPhone with it quickly and easily.

EasUS MobiMover

It is also classified as best alternative to itunes and it is not for less, since it not only includes a synchronization of photos and videos, but also allows you to manage other files such as music, movies and even application chats. Even if you are going to switch from one iPhone to a new one, you will be able to manage it with the app, transferring all data from the backup without losing things when the new mobile is released

Tenorshare iCareFone is also very practical

Another of our favorite apps with options to transfer photos from iPhone to PC is iCareFone because it is one of the most efficient, as well as being very intuitive and complete. It's actually a complete manager to synchronize mobile devices with computers. In addition to this, you will be able to backup and restore files on your iPhone thoroughly, as well as transfer WhatsApp chats (from iOS to iOS, from iOS to Android and from Android to iOS), music, photos, videos, contacts , SMS.


You will first need to download the Tenorshare iCareFone application on Windows, which also has a macOS version. Once it is installed and opened, you will see that iCareFone offers you the possibility to import photos with a single click , which saves us a lot of time, although a few can also be selected manually. To do this you must have connected the iPhone via cable to the computer. Then, by going to the 'Management' tab, you will be able to find all the photos on your iPhone, being able to copy them to any folder on your PC with great ease.

photos iphone windows

In addition, it will also serve for the reverse process. That is, you can transfer photos from pc to iphone from the same application, pressing the corresponding Import buttons. In a matter of seconds you can have in the iOS gallery those snapshots that you stored on your computer.

Dr.Fone option

Another of the great programs that exist and that offer a wide variety of tools for any mobile is dr.fone. In this case, it is a program that may require a subscription in some cases to have full access to all the functions it promises. These include, for example, those related to the recovery of files or the solution of any type of problem on an iPhone or Android devices. In this case, it must be taken into account that it is fully compatible with the Windows operating system, being able to download from wondershare website .

iMyFone D-Port

One of the most interesting options is to have an administrator for all the files. It must be remembered that natively in iOS it will not be possible find a management system like in Android, where there is a large set of folders to work with in order to transfer all your files, including photos, quickly.

dr.fone will be able to be installed comfortably on Windows, and when connecting iPhone to Windows PC you will be able to detect it quickly. It will start with the scanning of all the documents, and after clicking on Mobile Manager, you can choose to transfer data between the iPhone and the Windows computer. It is enough selective , and this means that you can choose the type of file you want to transfer. You don't have to make a complete backup of the iPhone, but you can exclusively choose the photos you need to have on your PC.

Cloud services as an alternative

These types of services, more popularly known as cloud, are those that allow you to store data and files on the Internet in a secure and private way, being able to access them from practically any device that has Internet access. And while it is true that some require subscriptions to have more space, we believe that it can be a good option both to have a backup of your photos and videos, and to be able to pick them up quickly from your Windows computer. Below we tell you what options exist in this regard.

Use iCloud to sync photos to your PC

An alternative to the cable, and that is 'made in Apple', is to use iCloud. This is the Californian company's cloud storage service that automatically also serves to synchronize files and data between different devices. Although the iCloud application is not installed by default in Windows, it is possible download it from apple website .

You must first have activated the sync with iCloud on iPhone . To do this you must go to Settings> Photos and activate the Photos tab in iCloud. Once that is done and having the application installed on your computer, you must follow these steps:

  1. Open iCloud on PC.
  2. Click on Options , which is next to Photos.
  3. activate the tab iCloud Photos.
  4. Click on To accept and later in Apply.

transfer photos iphone windows icloud

Once this is done, you will have a new folder on your computer in which all the photos you have stored on your iPhone will be stored. However, there is another way to access them thanks to iCloud and without the need to install any application. We refer to the iCloud website , from which you can access not only the photos but also the calendars, notes and contacts that you have on your iOS device.

Keep in mind that the app has some drawbacks and it is that sometimes it takes too long to synchronize the content. In recent times this has been greatly improved, but the truth is that it is still a daily problem for many users. In any case, it is always recommended, both for this and for those that we will see later, to have a good internet connection that allows uploading and downloading files at the highest possible speed. And if it is by cable, better, although we understand that in the end this situation cannot always occur and a WiFi network can be perfectly valid.

Google Photos, perfect for synchronization with everyone

To the sum of Apple and Microsoft as rival companies is now added another one, Google, and that is that the services of the Mountain View company can also be key to synchronizing the photo gallery of an iPhone with a Windows PC. To do this, we must have the application downloaded both on the iPhone and on the computer.

Google Photos Google Photos Descargar QR-Code Google Photos Developer: Google LLC

google photos ios iphone

Once the app is downloaded to the iPhone, you must have a Google account to access it. By default, 15 GB is offered free, expandable through different rates. The most interesting option that exists is to have free unlimited photo storage, which stores the photos in high resolution but not really the original quality. Whichever option you choose, you will be able to save all the photos from your iPhone in the app and be able to view and save them on your PC thanks to the application that exists for Windows.

Also the service of Google Drive It can be used to store photos and other types of files manually, also uploading them through the iPhone and with the possibility of accessing them from the computer. You should know that it is even possible to synchronize your Google Drive account with the Files app that is installed by default on the iPhone, so this will ultimately speed up time.

Other cloud storage services

There are various cloud storage services on the market in addition to the aforementioned iCloud and Google Photos. Microsoft itself has OneDrive , although we find other alternatives such as Dropbox The Amazon Cloud Drive . Any of them works perfectly to sync iPhone photos with a Windows PC.

It is true that the way to transfer photos to one of these services is more tedious because it has to be done manually, however it is still an effective solution in the end. Any of these services has an iOS app, so all you have to do is download it from the App Store and follow the corresponding instructions for uploading files. Then you can access them from your PC, either through its Windows application or its web services.

Possible problems in the transfer

There should be no problem during the process of transferring photos from iPhone to computer. However, there are certain aspects to know to avoid it, since they are usually the main causes of errors during the process.

    iPhone turned off,either due to lack of battery or any other reason. Obviously, if the device is turned off, you will not be able to send photos to any other device, since all processes are stopped internally. In this case, it must be taken into account that simultaneously with the data transfer via cable, an energy charge is also initiated. The iPhone does not trust the computer, which means that when connecting both devices you have not chosen the Trust the iPhone option, which is required whenever you connect this device to a computer, be it Mac or Windows as in this case. cable disconnected, something that, although not caused by the user, can occur. If the cable is faulty or you accidentally pulled on it, the photo transfer process will be interrupted. When you connect it again, you will have to start the whole process again. application closed,either accidentally or not. And it is that, if you are using any application like the ones highlighted in this post, it will be essential that they are open until the process is finished. Process canceled, in the same way as with the previous method, but this time in reference to the pop-up window that appears on the screen and indicates the percentage of completion of the transfer process. It is important not to have different open processes to give priority to the main one. Lack of spaceon the computer that prevents photos from being pasted onto your storage disk. Slow during the process, something that is usually common when the size of the photographs is very high. It also causes slowness to have a computer with little RAM and not using a quality cable.