GRID Autosport comes to iOS in console quality — 2022

One of the best driving games for console, PC and Mac comes to iOS next Monday, November 27. We talk about GRID Autosport . After several months giving small doses of what we would see on an iOS device, Feral Interactive has given the green light to the launch for iPhone and iPad . The driving game comes with various game modes and vertigo graphics, where in addition to driving by gyroscope, the option of a MFI knob of games like Nimbus.

Not all devices will be compatible with GRID Autosport

As we can see in the video, the game is quite graphically demanding, which is why not all devices are compatible. It is striking that the iPhone SE is one of them but not the iPhone 6s , since both share practically the same hardware.

For iPads, GRID Autosport is optimized for all iPad Pro and iPad (2017) . The mini and the Air would be excluded. All compatible devices must be updated to iOS 11 .

Another requirement that we have to take into account is space. From Feral they warn us that we must have at least 6GB free , but they advise us 8 to be able to install the updates.

We have the opportunity to run 100 circuits and choose up to 100 cars with a single payment . Yes, something that many of us appreciate is the ability to pay and play the full game, without in-app purchases. The price in the United States is $9.99, in Spain it is not yet confirmed, but this Monday we will know.

At the moment we don't know if the game will be available as a family or if they will release a version for Apple TV, something that would be appreciated along with the possibility of playing with a game controller like the Nimbus.

Now it only remains to wait a couple of days to see if indeed, GRID Autosport is console quality on our iOS devices. In the future it is expected to complement thecar games for mac.

UPDATE: It is available now on the App Store for a price of €10.99 and it does offer compatibility with the iPhone 6s (on the official website they indicated no)

Have you ever played GRID? What do you think about this game? Should it be on Apple TV?