Google Photos is updated and allows you to edit the depth of iPhone portraits — 2022

With the presentation of the iPhone XS and XR last September, Apple presented a novelty in terms of portraits and it is the possibility of being able to choose the level of blur of these at the moment of capturing the photograph or from theeditor of the iOS gallery. These developments were exclusive to these two iPhone models, but Google Photos has included a new feature in its iPhone app that emulates this feature.

Google Photos is updated with interesting news

The iPhone 7 Plus was a pioneer in Apple devices in including a double camera that allowed taking pictures with bokeh effect or what is the same, to blur the background of a photograph allowing the objective, whether it is an object or a person, to be the protagonist of the snapshot. After him came the iPhone 8 Plus and X to improve this effect. apple named portrait mode to this effect so demanded today by users.

Portrait iPhone XS and XR

The new Google Photos function allows a way of editing until now exclusive to the iPhone XS and XR

The iPhone XS and XR, successors of the previous Apple phones with portrait mode, did not bring with them very striking improvements in terms of the bokeh effect, but they did add an exclusive feature that allows increase or decrease the blur level in the moments before capturing a photograph. In addition to that, that feature was also added for post-editing photos in portrait mode.

since the last google photos update , Google's photo storage service, any iPhone will have the option to regulate the level of blur from the application editor. This is a novelty that will surely be applauded by many users who do not own an iPhone XS or XR and who will look with some suspicion at the new exclusive feature of these. It should be noted that this function of the Google application It will also be available on other iPhones that do not take this type of photo and this is due to the fact that no type of specialized camera is required for photo editing.

Google Photos

Google Photos includes other new features like Color Pop

Another interesting novelty that comes with the Google Photos update is the new editing function called Color Pop and that allows to leave the subject with color and paint the background black and white. All this plus the possibility ofrotate photos and videosthat was already present in the application previously or to be able to use thisapp to add a watermark to your photos. All this to continue making this a great app with which not to fear ifmistakenly delete a photo from iPhone.

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