Google pays Apple quite well to be the default search engine on the iPhone — 2022

If we go into Safari, whether on an iPhone or iPad, our default search engine is Google. This is no accident, it is the result of an agreement between Apple and the big G. Apple is not an NGO, so any benefits that can increase the company's coffers are welcome. The Navigator Safari is a good source of income, where next, we will find out what Apple could be earning each year with Google alone. Google pays Californians about 1 billion dollars each year to be the default browser in Safari for iOS. This does not mean that you cannot change the search engine, but it does mean that it is the first option that you find when carrying out your searches within the browser and without visiting the web.

Apple's profits rise with Google

Google wants to have a dominant position (even more so) in the most powerful browsers. Safari is one of them, where the 50% of search traffic total, it would be made from an Apple device. This is a double-edged sword for the company led by Tim Cook, but also for Google, since half of the traffic would depend on Californians.

But on the other hand, Google may decide that his position in the searches , it is already too strong to continue paying. And this could be a problem for Californians, since they would lose an increasing source of annual income.

This data was offered by the analyst Bernstein in August 2017 in CNBC , where he stated that Google's profits could represent the 25% of operating profit in recent years. Adding that: Documents indicate that Google paid $1 million to Apple in 2014, and we estimate that Google's total payments to Apple in fiscal 2017 may approach $3 billion.

Apple includes up to 4 seekers in iOS, where Google is the default, (you already know why), but if for any reason we want to change it, we can do it easily. Furthermore it is also possiblechange default browser in iOS.

Where do you prefer to search in Safari? For what reason?