Google Maps begins to report speed limits and radars on iOS and Android — 2022

A few months ago we talked about how Google was working on integrating information about speed limits on roads as well as radars into its navigation application, Google Maps. This function has been testing for several years but finally earlier this week they started rolling it out on a smaller scale and now they have already started rolling it out on a larger scale to all users around the world.

Information on radars and speed limits begins to arrive on Google Maps

As confirmed by the media Mashable , Google Maps is implementing information about speed limits in both its Android and iOS applications. The implementation will be gradual, so it will not reach all users at the same time, but rather these new features will arrive little by little.

Google Maps speed limits radars

This feature was initially only available in San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro. But now it has spread to Denmark, United States and United Kingdom and in the next few days it will end up arriving in Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The speed limit that is shown in the navigation application seems to be quite well defined, and as you can see in the previous screenshots collected by 9to5google , will be displayed in the lower left corner Just like in Waze.

As we said, in addition to the arrival of information on speed limits, there is also the traffic cameras that are present in the different portfolios are shown with a characteristic icon. When we are circulating and we are approaching one of these fixed radars, an acoustic signal will be emitted so that we are aware that we are going to pass by one to adapt the speed correctly.

This update a priori does not require a software update although it is interesting that you are in the latest version available in the App Store. In Spain at the moment there is no news of this general implantation of these two great functionalities but we will always have the sister application, Waze, to be able to have all this information at our fingertips and even integrated withApple Car Play.

We hope that in the coming weeks it will end up arriving in our country as a 'surprise', although as we say its implementation is being quite gradual. Leave us in the comment box what do you think about Google Maps giving us this information, do you find it useful? Should Apple Maps take note of this?