Google Maps is already integrated into CarPlay with iOS 12 — 2022

One of the novelties with which iOS 12 arrived at WWDC 2018 that was held a few months ago was CarPlay compatibility with third-party applications such as Google Maps or Waze among others. After many months of waiting, last week Google's navigation application added this compatibility to its beta version and a new update has been released today that will allow all users with a car that is compatible with CarPlay to be able to use Google maps instead of Apple maps.

Google Maps is now officially compatible with CarPlay in iOS 12

In addition to Google Maps, Waze is also in the process of integrating withradios CarPlay as we saw at WWDC 2018. This is a significant improvement for users since before Apple only allowed to use its own Maps in our car compatible with this type of software, something that many users did not like, we do not see Apple's maps with good eyes and we prefer Google's.

In this gallery you can see several screenshots of what Google Maps would look like on the screen of your car.

This integration it has limitations. For a start we will not be able to ask Siri to take us to a location using Google maps, instead, it will always fall back to the native maps. If it is true that the Google navigation application incorporates its own voice search engine to search for restaurants or specific locations while we are driving with a simple touch. It is also synchronized with your Google account so Your home or work addresses will be preserved.

If you have a car that incorporates CarPlay and you want to use Google maps you just have to install the most recent version of the application and we will also have to have our iPhone in iOS 12. If your car does not have this type of technology, it is always advisable to use differentiphone accessories for carwith the aim of having the app in sight without losing attention on the road.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this integration. When will we see Waze?