Google Chrome for Mac adds support for the Touch Bar — 2022

The new one version number 60 of Google Chrome is now available for all Mac users. A new version of the web browser for macOS where the main novelty comes from the browser support for the new Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro . Although the support for the bar of the latest MacBook Pro is the great novelty, it is not the only one. This version also adds support for a number of developer-oriented features, including a new API for making payment requests and a credential management API .

Google Chrome is updated with great news

It seems that the people of Mountain View took their time on this new version of Google Chrome. After several months of testing with different beta versions, Chrome for Mac finally adds support for the MacBook Pro's famous Touch Bar first introduced last year by Apple. However, this has not been the only novelty introduced by Google Chrome, the search and entering the URL with a Google logo has been modified, in addition, there are a bookmark and a new shortcut to browser tabs.

Google Chrome is updated with support for Touch Bar

Thanks to the new version 60 of Chrome, users can also change the design of the touch bar from the option of View -> Customize Touch Bar in Menu Bar . But there are no news, we can add and remove buttons from the browser. There is a new option to disable typing suggestions.

Although these are the novelties of Google Chrome for Mac, the developers of Google has also wanted to introduce what's new in the desktop version of Chrome for PC . Chrome incorporates a redesign of configuration materials. However, there are a number of tools web developers can take advantage of in version 60 of their browser from any PC or Mac.

More Chrome news not only for our Macs

The property CSS font-display y el descriptor CSS @ font-face added in this new version, will allow a faster loading of fonts on certain websites. In the past, the browser would delay rendering text until the corresponding font was downloaded. With these new features in this update, developers can specify how and when they want Google Chrome to display text content during website loads .

Safari and Chrome rival each other on macOS

Meanwhile, the API for payment requests adds automatic payment forms in desktop format, while the mobile version allows native Android payment applications to take advantage of this new API. By last, the credential management API is now easier for developers.

The new version Chrome 60 can be downloaded by going to the menu of browser three dots -> Help -> About Google Chrome and checking if there are updates available in your browser. Don't waste time and try the new features that Google has just added to its search engine for macOS. It seems that Chrome seeks to catch up with the new features that Safari will introduce with macOS High Sierra .