Gmail will be updated very soon with a new design on iOS and Android — 2022

Millions of people check their email every day. application Gmail from your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. From Google, developers of the app, they are aware of this and for this reason they are preparing a redesign incorporating a new theme as they had already announced in july 2018 . This update is almost ready and will be coming to iOS and Android very soon.

The mobile version of Gmail will now look more like the web version

The redesign of the interface for the mobile application of Gmail was baptized as Google Material Theme . This design stands out visually for a predominant white color that will leave behind the red bars that we find in the current version. In this way the application will be more similar to theweb version.

Another novelty that we can enjoy is the search field , which will be integrated into a bar at the top, replacing the magnifying glass icon that we currently have to press when we want to search through our emails. The three-line button that opens other settings will remain in the same position, top left.

It is also worth noting how now the application will show on the main screen all mail inboxes . These folders, which are the Social, Promotions and Photos folders, will be arranged at the top of the screen, clearly differentiated with their blue, green and purple colors respectively.

But if there is a novelty that seems to be highly valued by users, it is the way emails are presented . We can see the list of messages with their respective dates and labels but now we can also find changes when an email is opened, especially on tablets, the buttons to reply or forward are much more accessible.

Ultimately it seems that Google is hitting the key in the different updates that you are launching into your app ecosystem. In the case of the Gmail mobile application, this new theme is also a very positive advance because it will make it much more visual and intuitive despite not being a radical change. The release of the update on both iOS and Android is expected to be made official in the coming weeks.

What do you think of this new design that Gmail will have? Leave us your impressions in the comments.