Get this Apple Watch so Top now with a discount on Black Friday — 2022

The Apple Watch is one of the best accessories that Apple currently has for the iPhone. Although, the price can go a little high, especially for certain users who have less purchasing power. This mainly happens with those Apple Watch built in stainless steel. But now thanks toBlack Friday deals on Apple productsWe have found a watch with a more than interesting price.

Apple's most expensive watch now on sale

As we have previously commented, the Apple Watch have different variables in their construction materials. The most common is obviously aluminum as it has the cheapest price. But Apple also has watches made of stainless steel and with non-silicone straps, which are the cheapest. As is logical, stainless steel, in addition to giving the watch more durability as well as greater resistance against impacts, is also much more expensive.

But now you can get these premium materials thanks to Black Friday 2020 with the offer that we bring you today. Specifically, we are referring to an Apple Watch made of stainless steel and a 44 mm case that without an offer is priced at 849 euros, also including the Milanese Loop strap of steel that has a separate price that reaches up to 100 euros. Now with Black Friday this price has fallen to 419.66 euros with VAT included. This implies a reduction of 429.34 euros, plus half the base price of the device.

Apple Watch Series 4 in stainless steel buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 619.95

In addition, this premium model has LTE connectivity so that you can contract a separate data plan in order to have coverage without having to depend on the mobile. In this way you can go out to exercise and receive calls, text messages and even play your music without the need to always have the iPhone linked.

Beyond the construction materials, it is true that there is no functional difference between an Apple Watch Series 4 built in aluminum and another in stainless steel. The only thing that varies is its market value, which is obviously much higher, being interesting especially when it comes to reselling. And when asked if this is a quite old watch, the reality is that functionally it does not have too many differences with its older brothers. beyond oxygen saturation measurement or always-on display .

Warranty on Amazon

When you buy the Apple Watch on Amazon you will get a brand new, factory sealed watch. This means that you have a guarantee, according to current legislation, of two years. The first of these years is with Apple itself and the second with Amazon, thus covering all those from the factory that may occur in its useful life. You should bear in mind that the technical service offered by Amazon is equally good, so this should not be one of your concerns when purchasing this product on the Amazon website.

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