Get this screen protector for iPhone totally free — 2022

We have just been notified of a very interesting promotion where they give us a screen protector for our iPhone totally free. The units are limited and we simply have to apply a promotion that appears just below the price of the product. Specifically, this protector costs 8.99 euros, but when applying the promotion, a 100% discount .

On another occasion we shared a similar promotion with you, which ended quickly thanks to the greed of some users, since they bought dozens of quantities in a single order. Amazon now limits shipping to a single unit to prevent these abuses. So stay tuned if you wantput a good protector on your iPhone.

How to get free iPhone screen protector

Getting it is really simple, we just have to go to the product, check that the promotion is active with the message that you can read in the image above and then add it to the shopping cart.

when you go to make to order , you have to see if the discount was actually applied. If so, you will see a shipment of 0 euros , at which time you can process your purchase. The shipment, depending on the area, will arrive in approximately 24 or 48 hours.

We already benefited from a previous promotion where the product arrived without any problems. On this occasion, to check if it is indeed a firm promotion, we have placed the order . So you can buy (for free) this product without any problem, at least until the stock is still valid.

This screen protector is a tempered glass with a fairly high hardness and with a specific protection for the iPhone X , both the edges and the sensors of the front screen, will be protected against any fall or scratches. If you already have one, it never hurts to have another spare, plus free .

You can get it right now HERE

Have you been able to get a free screensaver?