Get the most out of Safari with these extensions — 2022

Safari It is the default browser that offers us Apple on your devices, on both iOS and macOS and it really works great. If we compare it with the competition, like Chrome o Firefox , we found it to be far superior in performance.

Thus, according to reports Apple , we get:

    Better autonomy.2 hours of browsing and 4 hours of video playback on Netflix extra compared to Firefox or Chrome. Faster.Web applications, JavaScript performance, and animations work much faster than the competition. Security.Thanks to a series of features you can navigate more safely.

With these advantages that Apple offers and following this series of tips to optimize it, you will get one of the best browsers on the market. Even so, Apple offers us a series of extensions that will allow it to be further enhanced , though you don't really need them for actions liketranslate a webpage in Safari natively.

Extensions for Safari, enhancing browsing

In this site you can check all available extensions Here we will see some of the most outstanding.


On many occasions we access sites that are not in our language , with this extension we can translate any site into our language using Google or Microsoft translate .
Once the extension is installed, when accessing a site that is not in our language, just below the navigation bar we will see a menu that offers us translate the site into our language .

Translator for Safari

You can install the extension from this link .


Thanks to this extension, we will be able to browse more safely . Once installed, we can navigate normally and we will see an icon that will show us a series of alerts , indicating whether the site we are visiting performs any tracking of our browsing or whether it is a secure site or not.

TrafficLight, a way to navigate safely from Safari

You can install the extension from this link .

Custom Quest

With this extension, search It will be a very simple task. Custom Quest us offers shortcuts when searching .
For example, if we want to search for the word MacBook in Amazon, in the navigation bar we write m macbook and the extension will take care of searching for that word on the web Amazon , thus showing the final result.
Each of the shortcuts is configured, so we can easily create personalized searches.

Custom Quest allows you to perform personalized searches

You can install the extension from this link .


Surely it will have happened to you to click on a link to iTunes or App Store and see how iTunes automatically opens This is quite annoying at times. Thanks to NoMoreiTunes, you will avoid this inconvenience

NoMoreiTunes, prevent iTunes from launching when opening a link

You can install the extension from this link .


Another extension that will help you navigate with more safety and speed , removing off-page elements or trackers.

Ghostery will let you browse without being tracked

You can install the extension from this link .

Pied PíPr

You will not find this extension on the Apple page, since it is an independent development. What you will get with Pied PíPr s view videos in Picture in Picture mode (as it happens in the iPad Pro). This extension is compatible with Netflix Y YouTube .
Once installed, you will see a new icon in the YouTube video options bar that will allow you to play the video in a floating window , thus being able to enjoy it while you continue browsing other sites or performing other tasks.

With Pied PíPr you can watch Picture in Picture videos

You can download the extension from this link .

These are just some of the many extensions found in Safari, making this browser really more useful and powerful. As an extra, keep in mind that some of these extensions may requireinstall java in safarifor them to work correctly.

If you know any extension that you want to share, I invite you to share it in the comments section.