Get new faces for the Apple Watch — 2022

The Apple Watch is a device that has tremendous potential, especially to facilitate many daily actions, however, being a watch, it also fulfills this aesthetic function of a clothing or fashion accessory. Beyond the strap, which of course, for the aesthetic section is very important, the dial can also turn your Apple Watch from one moment to another into a watch for sports or a perfect accessory for that special dinner. For this reason, today we bring you a compilation of applications with which you can further customize the faces of your watch.

Reasons to download third-party watchfaces

With each watchOS update, Apple introduces new spheres so that the range of possibilities increases year after year. In addition, these also adapt to the Apple Watch model you have, there are even some that are exclusive to certain models. If you go into the Apple Watch app from your iPhone, the amount of native spheres is enormous, also because the color combinations for these are almost infinite, therefore, in this case, Apple is doing quite well, providing many options. so that the user can adapt the sphere depending on the time of day.

In addition to all the faces that watchOS brings, there is an Apple Watch model, specifically the model that is made in collaboration with Nike that provides a series of exclusive faces for that watch. In fact, this is the only difference between the Nike model and the rest, the possibility of using those own spheres. Therefore, if you really want to have all the options to choose your dial every day, we recommend that you opt for the Nike model.

How to download and install

The Cupertino company has never been much given to giving the user of its devices the possibility to excessively customize their appearance. In fact, we have been able to verify how it has taken several years to include customizable elements in iOS and, even so, it is still far from other alternatives, something that many Apple users appreciate and applaud, hence the essence of operating systems such as iOS. However, with WatchOS it seems that Apple does want to give Apple Watch users the opportunity to adapt at least the sphere that accompanies them to their needs and tastes. That is why the process that must be followed to put a sphere downloaded from an application is so simple and can be carried out in a few seconds. Actually, the process is exactly the same as the one you have to follow when another Apple Watch user shares a watch face with you via Messages. However, below you have the steps you have to follow to be able to enjoy the spheres that you download from the applications on your Apple Watch.

  1. Choose the sphere you want to download.
  2. Download the watch face, usually by clicking on a button that says Add watch face to Apple Watch.
  3. Once the sphere is downloaded, the Apple Watch app will automatically open on the iPhone.
  4. Click on Add to my spheres.

add apple watch face

With these simple steps you will already have the face you have downloaded available on your Apple Watch, you just have to go to it on your Apple Watch or through the iPhone app itself and set your new face as the current one, so you can show it off every time look at your apple watch

top rated apps

Within the App Store there is a huge variety of applications, something that is undoubtedly lucky for all users who have an Apple device and, therefore, have direct access to this entire catalog. However, and it is something that must also be valued positively, not all these apps have the same evaluations, something that must always be taken into account when trying an app. For this reason, below we leave you the apps most valued by users who want to personalize their Apple Watch even more with highly personalized spheres.

Buddywatch – Watch Faces


We can consider this application your personal stylist of spheres for your Apple Watch. With it you can download all the spheres you want and save them in your profile. You can search by categories and labels to find the sphere that best suits your needs at all times and thus adapt your Apple Watch to each of the environments and situations in which you find yourself.

As you have seen before, the steps to obtain and enjoy these spheres are very simple, so you just have to spend some time looking for the most suitable sphere for each use or moment you require. This greatly enriches the user experience with the Apple Watch and adds alternatives to its customization.

Buddywatch - Watch Faces Buddywatch - Watch Faces Descargar QR-Code Buddywatch - Watch Faces Developer: TACO SRLS



With Watchfacely you can share and download amazing faces for your Apple watch. You have access to a huge number of spheres that are shared by the Apple Watch community and that undoubtedly enrich the variety of options when it comes to customizing the aesthetics of the watch, a very important point that improves the user experience.

The spheres are really vital in a device like the Apple Watch, since at the end of the day we are also talking about a fashion element, an element that is also very customizable both through the straps and, in this case, through of the spheres. For this reason, we always recommend doing a good study to have different styles accessible and thus adapt the sphere to the context of each moment.

Watchfacely Watchfacely Descargar QR-Code Watchfacely Developer: PubiLand

Watch Faces by Facer


Watch Faces by Facer is an application that will unlock the full potential of the Apple watch thanks to the great customization of faces that it has. Within the app you will find thousands of beautiful photos and designs that you can set as the faces of your watch to give it that more personal touch.

Without a doubt, the aesthetic section of the Apple Watch is fundamental since we are also talking about a fashion element that, in this case, is completely customizable. For this reason, it is vital to make an appropriate choice of the sphere and thus be consistent at all times both with the environment and with your needs.

Watch Faces by Facer Watch Faces by Facer Descargar QR-Code Watch Faces by Facer Developer: Little Labs, Inc.

Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker


In this case we are talking about the sphere platform for the number one Apple Watch in the world. It has millions of users behind it since it is not only compatible with the Apple Watch, but also with other smartwatch models. It has, as its name suggests, more than 100,000 different spheres so that you can choose the most appropriate one and the one you like the most.

In addition, not only will you have the opportunity to put static spheres on your Apple Watch, but you also have alternatives that will give your watch a more animated and moving touch. As you can see, the options are numerous and give you the possibility of completely adapting your sphere to your needs and tastes.

Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker Descargar QR-Code Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker Developer: Potato Powered Games Ltd



With this app you can have any personalized sphere on your Apple Watch. It is not an application like the rest, but it is a kind of adapter. It is completely free, but to use it you will have to follow a series of specific steps so that everything goes perfectly. They are quite simple steps, but necessary for everything to work perfectly. Thanks to this app you can get exclusive Hermès or Nike dials, as well as a lot of dials designed by other users of the application.

This app is used so that you can download any sphere from wherever you want and be able to adapt it without problems to your Apple Watch. It has a very large community, with various forums on various social networks, where new spheres are uploaded every day so you can choose the one you like the most. It is a somewhat more complicated app to use than the rest, but it offers spheres of all kinds of dreams and themes, so you will surely find one to your liking.

Less popular apps

The fact of having more or less ratings is not always linked to what these applications are capable of offering. That is why, after telling you about the most popular ones and those with the highest ratings, we also want to leave you with some less famous applications that are also capable of offering a very positive service for all those users who want to go a step further in personalizing their Apple Watch.



MR TIME is an application that will give you the option to apply wallpapers, GIFs, and videos to your watch face. You even have the possibility of being the one who generates those wallpapers to apply them to the faces of your Apple Watch and maximize the customization of your watch.

Usually whenever we talk about customizing the Apple watch face we focus on the images that you can apply, however, with this app you also have the opportunity to insert videos and give your Apple Watch a more lively and dynamic touch. It is not very common to see spheres that move or have a small animation, so without a doubt you will generate surprise in all the people who stop to appreciate your Apple watch.

TIMEFLIK (ex MR TIME) TIMEFLIK (ex MR TIME) Descargar QR-Code TIMEFLIK (ex MR TIME) Developer: Apposter.Inc.

iFaces – Themes and custom faces for Apple Watch


This app gives you the opportunity to personalize the covers of your Apple Watch with images and wallpapers that are ideal to display on your wrist. It has beautiful designs made by professional artists, with various themes and content as it has more than 30 packages ready to install.

In addition, the application is renewed every day by introducing new spheres, so you can constantly be aware of the news and apply them to your watch in case you need it or find it more useful than the one you have on at that moment. Of course, before you install a face on your watch you can preview it to see if you really like the effect it creates.

iFaces - Themes and Custom Faces for Apple Watch iFaces - Themes and Custom Faces for Apple Watch Descargar QR-Code iFaces - Themes and Custom Faces for Apple Watch Developer: Live Wallpapers

Watch Widgets for Apple Watch


It is an app that will allow you to customize the face of your Apple Watch with emojis, text, photos and its unique icons made by hand to get the face you want at all times and thus enjoy a unique and exclusive design that differentiate your Apple Watch from other users and watches.

Something different that this application has compared to the majority of its sector are the icons that you can use in its spheres, since it has numerous options grouped into different categories such as Monuments, Halloween, Summer, New York, Sports, Greek Mythology, Space , Food, Cultures, Love, Games, Transport and other types that you can meet within the application.

Watch Widgets for Apple Watch Watch Widgets for Apple Watch Descargar QR-Code Watch Widgets for Apple Watch Developer: AppDeco LLC

Watch Faces Albums

Watch Faces Albums

With the possibility of carrying out specific searches within this app, you will be able to find just the face you were looking for to personalize your Apple Watch for each moment of the day or each situation in which you may find yourself. Watch Faces Albums has a huge variety of faces different, so you will be spoiled for choice.

The suggestion made by the application itself is to download the entire album and thus have the entire catalog available at all times, however, we believe that the most appropriate thing is that you make an exhaustive study of all the options that you can find within it and carry out a selection of those that can be most useful for you in your different moments and environments.

Watch Face Albums Watch Face Albums Descargar QR-Code Watch Face Albums Developer: YiFei Wang

Watch Face

Watch Face

As you can see, there are numerous applications to be able to customize the image of your watch to your liking. This is undoubtedly a real advantage for Apple Watch users since the more alternatives there are, the more options they will have to adapt the dial to their taste and needs. And that is exactly what this application, Watch Face, is for.

This application offers you more types of completely customizable dials so that you can decorate what you see every time you look at your watch to your liking. In addition, it has weekly content updates to further enrich each of the sphere categories it offers. It really brings to the table all the customization options for your watch.

Watch Face Watch Face Descargar QR-Code Watch Face Developer: SMM service, s.r.o.

clock faces

clock faces

Without a doubt, if there are many categories when it comes to classifying the spheres of the Apple Watch based on their theme, you will find them in this application. It has a huge variety of types such as abstract themes, cartoons, animals, flowers, cars, bicycles, nature, storm, fruits, desert, fire, love... in short, you will have a large catalog to customize your Apple Watch .

The Apple Watch is not only a smart watch capable of measuring your vital signs, keeping track of your workouts or receiving notifications from the iPhone, but it is also a fashion item and the dial is a fundamental point that can completely change the aesthetics of your watch, so having applications that offer you such a wide variety is very important and enriches the use of the Apple Watch for different environments.

clock faces clock faces Descargar QR-Code clock faces Developer: Wisdomlogix Solutions Private Limited



A completely free app that updates the spheres based on the ones uploaded by users. It is therefore a social application, the more users it has, the more options you will have to download and apply to your Apple Watch. It is available for iPhone and Apple Watch, so you can use it wherever you want.

It is very simple to use. The spheres are divided into sections that you will see as soon as you open the application. If you are using it from the iPhone, you will only have to choose the sphere that you like the most, select where it says Add Apple Watch Face and the app will automatically open on the Apple Watch. If you are using it directly from the Apple Watch, you will only have to open it, select the sphere that you like the most and click on Add. It will automatically become your main sphere.

What is our favourite?

As we usually do whenever we carry out this type of application compilation, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we want to tell you which of all of them is our favorite, but beware, this does not mean that it is the best, it is simply the one that has caught our attention the most and that we would surely use in our Apple watch.

Among the most popular, the one that has convinced us the most is Buddywatch , due to two fundamental aspects, the first is the wide variety of spheres it has and their aesthetics, and second, because of how well cared for the app's interface is. If we focus on the less popular apps, the one we liked the most is clock faces In fact, for the same reasons that we chose Buddywatch, we consider that it has a great and interesting variety of options and that the app itself is aesthetically very good.