Get free Sky to watch the best TV channels on your iPhone or iPad (if you're from Yoigo) — 2022

Surely you know the online television service Sky . With this service, we have the opportunity to watch certain payment channels through our iPhone, iPad or Mac.

If you are a customer of Yoigo , you will be able to see all its content totally free until the end of the year, it also includes an exclusive channel for watch LaLiga 123 football , that is, the Spanish second division matches.

Sky differs from Netflix, HBO or Amazon in that they do not offer series or movies on demand, but rather the best live television channels, although we have some movies and series on demand, it is a Catalogue reduced .

What channels does Sky offer?

Well, Sky puts the meat on the grill with highly regarded channels that broadcast quite attractive programming. At the moment, these channels are paid , where we can find it in some services provided by telephone and internet operators.

Currently, we have some 16 channels , including LaLiga123 second division football, specifically, these are the channels that we can enjoy for free with the Yoigo promotion:

  1. FOX
  2. FOXlife
  3. AXN
  4. AXN White
  5. TNT
  6. MTV
  7. Comedy Central
  8. 13TH Street
  9. SYFY
  10. TCM
  11. History Channel
  12. National Geographic
  13. LaLiga 123 TV
  14. Disney Junior
  15. Disney XD
  16. Nickelodeon

Of course, although the offer is attractive to enjoy it for free, it must be taken into account that we can't watch it on our apple tv . Being the only possibility of having it on our iPhone, iPad or Mac. If we want to enjoy this content on our television, we will have to acquire an external device called Sky TV Box .

How did I get Sky totally free?

Well, the promotion is until the end of the year , where the subscription will be automatically renewed for a price of 10 euros per month. Although we can cancel it at any time, without fear that our subscription will be affected until the end of December.

To activate it, we have to go to our customer profile in Yoigo , once inside, click on PROMOTIONS and copy the code that they will provide us. With that code, we enter our Sky profile (or create a new account) and paste the code that Yoigo has provided us. As simple as that.

From now on, you can see all the content of totally free sky . Yes indeed, only from iPhone or iPad . Also, keep in mind that the app is not adapted for the iPhone X. You can use the Sky account to see all the content up to a maximum of 3 devices .

Access your Yoigo account

What did you think of this promotion? Have you activated it? Will you buy the Sky TV Box or do you prefer an exclusive app for Apple TV?