Future AirPods could include biometric sensors — 2022

Today Apple has received good news from the United States patent office, where it has been granted a patent to introduce biometric sensors on AirPods .

This new patent would provide future AirPods with a sensor capable of offering very effective information about heart rate or to detect health problems.

Experts say that the ear has a blood circulation that could provide information about the Breathing frequency or the blood volume of our body.

AirPods with biometric sensors

Apple is taking the issue of Health on your devices, we already saw it with the Apple Watch. Where in addition to offering us notifications and interaction with our favorite applications, it is also a component to learn interesting data about our heart rate, sleep detection or our physical activity, among many other options.

Thanks to this new patent for Apple's wireless headphones, the sensors biometrics they could do the same while we are listening to music or a podcast. All this with a little pressure from the headphones on the tragus .

The tragus it is an oval cartilage that is represented just outside the ear canal. In this area, the AirPods could obtain a lot of information thanks to the fact that it is an area where there is a great circulation of blood. Enough to provide data of interest, even to detect the level of stress.

We do not know if the next generation of AirPods will include this new biometric sensor, since new rumors point to a launch of AirPods in the same year.


As we already told you, this new generation could have a new chip, where we could summon siri without pressing the headphones, just like we do with the iPhone or Apple Watch.

What do you think that Apple continues to focus on health? Do you think this type of sensor is necessary?