Foundation: seasons, chapters and characters — 2022

Foundation is a well-known series of books written by Isaac Asimov and published from 1942 to 1993. All these books are now transferred to the screen in the form of science fiction series. The plot with which it is told is really good, although it is a real challenge to transfer a saga of books with this antiquity to a current environment.

Production data and main actors

In this cinematographic work you can find many familiar faces who are highly renowned actors, of course. But with only the actors a work like this is not made, but many other people can also be found. The production team is another of the big players involved, and sometimes it can go unnoticed by not appearing on the big screen. Below we show you the most relevant names.

Production team

    creators: David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman. Executive producer:David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Bill Bost, Robyn Asimov, Marcy Ross, Josh Friedman y Cameron Weish. Music:Bear McCleary. Based on:Issac Asimov Foundation. Production companies:Phantom Four and Skydance Television. Recording location:USA. Distributor platforms:Apple TV+.

Actors and characters they represent

    Harris Seldoninterpreted by Jared Harris , a mathematician and developer of psychohistory. This is an algorithmic science that allows predicting the future in terms of probabilities using mathematics. Brother Dayinterpreted by Lee Pace , the middle-aged member of a series of genetic clones of Cleon I. Cleon I reigns as Emperor in the Galactic Empire. Gaal Dornickinterpreted by Lou Llobell , one of Hari's protégés. In this case she is described as a self-taught young woman from a planet where seeking knowledge is considered heresy. That is why there is a serious problem in this regard. Salvor Hardininterpreted by Leah Harve , the Guardian of Terminus who undergoes a Seldon trial. This is Demerzelinterpreted by Laura Birn, butler of the emperors and one of the last androids to survive the Robot War. Dusk's brotherinterpreted by Terrence Mann , eldest member of a series of genetic clones of Cleon I who retired from the duties of Emperor. Brother Dawninterpreted by Cassian Bilton , one of the youngest members of Cleon I's genetic clones. He is Brother Day's successor-in-training.

Synopsis, trailer and episodes that have aired

This is a series that has been based on the famous saga of science fiction novels by Isaac Asimov. An adaptation that has had the challenge of transferring some novels from the last century to the cinematographic present. The story centers on Dr. Hari Sheldon, a mathematician who predicts the impending fall of the Empire. Faced with this prediction, he and a group of followers travel to the ends of the Galaxy to establish The Foundation. This is a colony that will try to preserve civilization. But obviously the Empire and more completely the Clones did not like this strategy, since they believe that they are going to lose the absolute control that was over the Galaxy. That is why they will try to go against this new civilization to eliminate it completely.

First season (2021)

The first season of Fundación premiered on September 24, 2021 with the launch of its first two episodes on Apple TV +. Later, the rest of the eight episodes were progressively released on a weekly basis every Friday. That is why in this first season there were 10 very intense chapters in which it is about giving an introduction to this science fiction story. If you have been an absolute fan of the book saga, surely this season will not fit much with what you have read, since obviously there were important changes to be able to bring Asimov's story to the screen in series format.

Chapter 1 (1 × 01): The Emperor's Peace

Foundation 1

    Release date: September 24, 2021. Duration: 69 minutes. Plot: The chapter begins in the year 12,067 of the Imperial Era. Gaal Dornick travels from his homeworld to the capital of the Galactic Empire in order to study with the renowned Hari Seldon. This is the one created from the subfield of psychohistory, within mathematics. Because Sheldon discovers that the Empire may collapse, they are arrested for high treason. But thanks to an attack they are able to escape and plan the construction of The Foundation, a repository of human knowledge.

Chapter 2 (1 × 02): Prepare to live

Foundation 2

    Release date: September 24, 2021. Duration: 61 minutes. Plot: Seldon and his faithful followers undertake a difficult journey to Terminus in order to build The Foundation. However, this trip is not going to be smooth, since a year after starting Dorenick reveals his lover and there is a murder among the subjects. In the capital of the Empire, the investigation continues into the explosion that took place so that those tried for treason could escape, also ending with important criminal decisions.

Chapter 3 (1 × 03): The ghost of the mathematician

Foundation 3

    Release date: October 1, 2021. Duration: 49 minutes. Plot: Year 12,089 IE, the Cleon I dynasty begins the succession of power that is already characteristic, Cleon XI entering power. Years earlier Seldon's followers arrive at Terminus discovering an enigmatic artifact called the Vault. Years later, it can be seen how the Foundation is finally satisfactorily established, appreciating all the life that has been generated.

Chapter 4 (1 × 04): Barbarians at the gates

Foundation 4

    Release date: October 8, 2021. Duration: 45 minutes. Plot: The legitimacy of the Cleon bloodline is under threat, as a new candidate emerges who follows a pre-Imperial dogma that clones do not have souls. That is why a religious problem is generated and ends up fulfilling the omens of decline that Seldon affirmed in the trial. Meanwhile, in Fundación, war problems continue as Hardin mocks the Anacreons who try to attack the colony.

Chapter 5 (1 × 05): When I wake up

Foundation 5

    Release date: October 15, 2021. Duration: 53 minutes. Plot: A flashback reveals the origin of Gaal's conflict between faith and science. In short, it should be noted that she ended up murdering her former teacher and ended up completely disillusioned with the church. After sleeping in a cryosleep she is already in a spaceship where she already develops the rest of her story. As she struggles on Terminus the conflict intensifies, but she takes a turn that is unexpected and one that you may not expect.

Chapter 6 (1 × 06): Death and the Maiden

Foundation 6

    Release date: October 22, 2019. Duration: 55 minutes. Plot: This is a chapter that will be very focused on the politics of the Empire. Specifically, it will be seen how Brother Día meets an aspiring leader who is opposed to the Empire, Céfria Halima. In addition, the Descent Brother will begin to suspect what the Rising Brother is up to. In Terminus the Anacreons will try to make the ship Invictus work to attack the Empire in a plan of revenge.

Chapter 7 (1×07): Mysteries and martyrs

Foundation 7

    Release date: October 29, 2019. Duration: 48 minutes. Plot: The Invictus is boarded by Salvor and Phara's group. When they are only a few hours away from making a random jump, the group of Anecreonts go to the bridge to take control. The result of this control seems at first quite uncertain. In another part of the Galaxy, the relationship between Brother Rising and Azura is strengthened.

Chapter 8 (1 × 08): The missing piece

Foundation 8

    Release date: November 5, 2021. Duration: 56 minutes. Plot: The Invictus group finally reaches the bridge. But in the meantime Hugo arrives safely at a communications relay to ask his people for help. On another ship Hari will divulge his plan to establish a second Foundation on Helicon that is secret. Brother Day has a really cloudy vision that has several interpretations that will be critical for the course of future events.

Chapter 9 (1 × 09): The first crisis

Foundation 9

    Release date: November 12, 2021. Duration: 57 minutes. Plot: This chapter is very focused on Terminus where the null field that could be seen at the beginning of the series has become even stronger. In this way everything is complicated on this planet. But beyond this, it also stands out that Brother Despunte makes a rather daring decision to change the course of events.

Chapter 10 (1 × 10): The first crisis

foundation 10

    Release date: November 19, 2021. Duration: 59 minutes. Plot: the last chapter of this first season and that tries to close all the plots that have been opened. In the first place, the appearance of an unexpected ally will allow Salvor to forge a lasting alliance. On the other side of the Galaxy, the Brothers have a confrontation that will end with great consequences, leaving a suspense at the end of the chapter.

Second season

With only four episodes of this series released, Apple TV + confirmed the production of a second season. This is due to the good reception that the series has had. Already thought of as one of their big bets, they have set out to show much more of the world that they have presented throughout this first season with a second. It is undoubtedly great news, since it will be possible to continue with the saga of books recounting all the events of Asimov with the foundations that have been laid here.