Fortnite for iOS manages to raise 100 million dollars in 3 months — 2022

Fortnite is being a real revolution in the world of videogames, leaving behind PUBG, which has been somewhat forgotten, because l Most influencers are betting on this free to play video game what It arrived three months ago on iOS . Although it is free to play there are micro transactions Through which the developer, Epic, manages to earn money and has set a new milestone in the App Store by entering a huge amount of money in just 3 months.

Fortnite continues to triumph in the App Store

The middle Sensor Tower has collected today that in these 90 days of availability in the App Store, the application has entered a total of 100 million dollars , so Epic has managed to have the second application to reach this figure in such a short time.

The only application of its category that has surpassed it is Clash Royale that managed to enter the same amount in just 51 days , but it's still a great achievement for the developers at Epic. Other games like Knives Out and Honor of Kings took a bit longer , 173 and 179 days respectively.

PUBG is still struggling to get this figure, but after two months he is still quite far from getting it. Here we see that game is succeeding in the App Store.

Fortnite is not yet available on Android, although we hope that it will soon be released on this platform as well. And think, if on iOS, where the market share is objectively much lower, they have made such a large amount of money in such a short time, on Android, which has a greater market share. How much will Epic end up earning in total?

And you, do you still play Fortnite on your iPad or iPhone? Have you finally fallen for the microtransactions of this addictive game? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.