Format your Mac easily without the need for a flash drive — 2022

If you have been in the Mac world for a long time, surely on more than one occasion it touched you reinstall the operating system either because a new generation has arrived or because you have had a software problem. Surely you have heard several times that the best way to reinstall the operating system on Mac is through a bootable 'pendrive', but it can also be done without an external storage unit, as we are going to tell you below.

Formatting and reinstalling macOS on the Mac

Whenever there is a new version of the operating system for Mac that is relevant, such as the jump from Mojave to Catalina We recommend doing a clean install. . By this we mean erasing the entire hard drive and installing the software from scratch to avoid dragging bugs.

The most common way to do this installation is through a USB flash drive that we boot in a simple way through Terminal. But although it is the most common, it is not the only one. We can also use the software that comes with the Mac in order to perform this reinstallation. Simply follow the following steps:

  1. We turn off the Mac completely.
  2. When pressing on the power button, we must hold down Command + R . Do not stop pressing them until a loading bar appears under the Apple logo.
  3. When the upload is complete, we'll be at the macOS utilities.
  4. Among the different options that appear on the screen, Click on 'Disk Utility'. Here we can delete all the information on our hard drive, that is, format it and leave it as new. To do so, we simply have to select the unit in the left sidebar and move to the 'Delete' option that we find at the top. We recommend you format it with the APFS file format.
  5. Once this disk formatting is done, we can close this window.
  6. Again we will see the previous utility menu and in this case we will select 'Reinstall macOS'. Now the macOS installation software that is available at that time will not come out. It is important to have a stable and private internet connection to be able to carry out this download safely and efficiently.

As you can see, there is no need for any external device to be able to format the Mac and leave it as new. This is an operation that, as we say should be done at least once a year coinciding with the arrival of the new versions of the operating system. Although it can also be useful when a software problem arises, this being

Obviously before starting this process, you must make a backup of all the files in addition to making sure that you do not need the Mac in a couple of hours. While the downloading, installation and restoration of all the files are going to pass quite quickly.

And you, have you had to format your Mac? How did you do it? Tell us about your experience in the comment box.