Is the iPhone 12 still up to par with iOS 15? this is how it works — 2022

A month ago today the iPhone 13 was presented. And a year and a day ago the iPhone 12 did the same. Of the latter it would be absurd to say that they are already old phones, no matter how much we see that they have somedifferences with the iPhone 13. Since iOS 15 also recently arrived, we find it interesting to analyze the performance of these devices after a year.

Bugs identical to those of any other

Unfortunately, there are severaliOS 15 bugswhich are still noticeable even in version '15.0.2' released this week. That is why, in the end, in the iPhone 12 we are experiencing the same problems that could be suffered in other devices, both from past generations and the brand new iPhone 13.

While is true that no serious problems and that it is not something generalized either, if it is true that errors are appearing in some units such as the touch screen being blocked and not allowing you to move between screens, having to restart the device to make it work again. Some isolated problems are also being experienced with crasheos of some apps, although probably more due to their lack of adaptation than due to iOS 15.

A performance that is still TOP

Removing some problems like those previously mentioned, in the end the iPhone 12 they continue to prove to be high-end phones one year later. Less if we take into account what they cost, but unfortunately on some occasions the iPhone of previous generations did not perform well in the first updates of a great version.

iphone 12 purple violet purple

We can see that the iPhone 12s continue to offer the same user experience smoothly as with iOS 14, taking very good advantage of the new features integrated by iOS 15 and still being very outstanding phones in fields such as Photography The video . Even with somewhat heavy processes, the A14 Bionic processor that it incorporates is still a guarantee of success.

In battery it does not improve, but it does not get worse either

With the exception of those who bought an iPhone 12 in recent months, as a general rule these are devices with a year of life and the battery has suffered somewhat. In those cases it is normal that the autonomy has decreased a little, regardless of whether you have iOS 14 or iOS 15. However, we did see that with the '15.0' there was a higher consumption than expected.

With iOS 15.0.1 and 15.0.2, things got better. It did not improve in autonomy with respect to what the already advanced versions of iOS 14 were, but it has not worsened either and that is a respite for many. Although it is true that in the end each case is a world and depends a lot on the type of use, as a general rule they are devices that can last a day without charging, although arriving at night in a hurry. If, in addition, the battery is already resented, it is likely that long before going to bed it has already been necessary to plug it in.

iPhone 12 mini

If a intensive use squeezing a lot of cameras, making video calls and others if the device can reach the middle of the day very fair. Something normal due to the wear and tear that we mentioned and taking into account that the usual thing is not to be doing intense consumption every day, but it is something negative to take into account a year later for those who are looking for a device that can hold the battery well.

As a final conclusion and again emphasizing the general rule and that there may be isolated cases, iOS 15 has fitted the iPhone 12 like a glove . So if you are a user of this smartphone and have not yet upgraded to '15', we recommend you do so without fear.