Solution to Siri problems on an iPhone — 2022

Apple's intelligent assistant, Siri, was launched with the iPhone 4s in 2011. It can help us perform multiple tasks or know data such as the weather in your city or the result of your soccer team. However, there may be a bug in Siri that makes it not work properly on your iPhone, so in this post we will try to help you solve that problem.

Check these aspects on the iPhone

In many cases, the failures that exist in relation to Siri are caused by the configuration of the device itself. It can also be solved with simple gestures on the device. You have to know that it is possible that it is a factory fault and you have to go to a store to repair it, but other times there is simply a small problem with our device that we can easily fix.

Keep in mind that sometimes the betas of iOS updates come out with some bugs. It is likely that until there is another update, the problem will not be solved. Here's everything you need to do about it.

Close background processes

One of the most common solutions to the problems that you may have on your iPhone is to restart the device. If we spend many days without restart our iPhone It can happen that some process, of the thousands that are carried out every day on our device, gets caught and this can affect some of the functions that, theoretically, should work well on our iPhone. For this reason, we recommend that you, firstly, restart your device at least once a week and, secondly, if you notice that any function of your iPhone is not working as it should, before trying another solution, restart the device as well. device in case the reason for the error is that some background process has been caught.

restart iPhone

The way to restart it is really simple and it will not take you more than a minute in the whole process. It is also important sometimes to let the iPhone go to the end of this entire reboot process and not rush it as you will gain absolutely nothing in the end. And although it seems that it is a rudimentary or typical solution, we definitely recommend carrying it out in order to have a solution to the problem you have.

Check that the assistant is activated

Activate Siri

On the other hand, if you have a new or recently refurbished iPhone, you may not have Siri enabled. Maybe you disabled it without realizing it. For this reason we recommend going to Settings > Siri and Search and check that the three options that appear at the beginning are activated: Activate when hearing Hey Siri, press the top button to open Siri and Siri with locked screen. This is valid in any of the Siri failures, since perhaps your failure is only when invoking the assistant by voice or when doing it through the button.

In the event that you have problems with the invocation through voice commands, it is possible that the configuration is not correctly saved. In the initial process when the configuration is being carried out, the system asks you to say a series of phrases to detect your voice. In the event that it was not stored correctly or that day you had a different voice, you must reconfigure it by activating it again following the previous route.

Do you have internet connection?

siri bug

The first thing you should know is that Siri works with internet connection. If you don't have a WiFi or mobile data connection, the wizard won't be able to start. This is perhaps somewhat absurd when we want to carry out actions such as scheduling events or making a call, since there are no internet servers involved. However, Apple has programmed the assistant like this. Therefore this may be the first cause that is failing you on the iPhone. It is also the one with the easiest solution: check if you have a good connection, since sometimes you may have internet, but not fast enough for Siri to start.

If you have connection problems, whether it's WiFi or mobile data, that's another problem. We recommend in any case to restart both the iPhone and the router. If after this the problems persist, it is essential that you contact your telephone company to try to find the origin of the problem and they offer you a solution that not only makes Siri work again, but also allows you to continue browsing the internet at any time. another app or service.

Verify that the iPhone has sound

iPhone Volume

In case it is the Hey Siri the one that does not work for you and persists even when this option is activated in the settings, it is possible that the failure is due to the iPhone microphone. This is confirmed if, in addition to the failure of the assistant, you have also noticed some type of problem when making calls, sending an audio or with the Siri voice dictation. In this case, you will have to contact Apple to make an appointment at an Apple Store or Authorized Technical Support and, if necessary, repair the device. It should be noted that if you are on iOS 14 or later, you will not hear the assistant speaking if you invoke it using the button. Also check the switch on the left side of the iPhone and that allows you to silence the device.

In some cases it can also happen that the microphones are obstructed. This makes you have to clean it yourself to be able to test if this is where the problem lies. In the lower part you can find the sound input holes and if it was a person who carries the iPhone in his pocket or in a bag, they surely have some dirt. You should try to clean it without using abrasive products or sharp objects. A simple slightly damp cloth or pressurized air can clear the sound input and return Siri to normal operation.

If none of this works, what can you do?

There are times that the failure comes from a more complicated problem than what we can previously imagine. In the event that none of the above regarding settings does not work, there are other ways to comfortably fix it. Here we show you the best options in this regard.

Check for an iOS update

The operating system of an iPhone is the main responsible for Siri to work correctly. That is why a bug in this can end up causing relevant problems when it comes to invoking it physically or through the voice system. This makes it relevant to keep the operating system always up to date. In the event that you present one of the bugs that we have mentioned, it is important to check if the company has released a new update. This can end up solving the error that you have in mind regarding Siri so that you can use it again normally.

history and news of ios

In order to perform this check, you simply have to scroll to Settings > General > Update . The iPhone will start scanning for new updates and will show you the information that there is something new to install. We recommend that you do not hesitate and always keep your iPhone up to date. Although the failures that may occur can make you afraid, the truth is that these versions are designed to solve the failures that are causing problems with the voice assistant.

Restore iPhone

It is very unlikely that something as basic as Siri will fail while on a stable version of iOS. It's not even something normal in beta versions, although if it happens in them you can't ask for much either because it's still a test version. However, it cannot be completely ruled out that there is a software problem that prevents the wizard from working properly. On many occasions this happens when the iPhone has not been restored for years or the same backup has been installed on different terminals.

This solution is not magical or miraculous, but if you have already verified that you do not have any physical failure in the terminal, it is advisable to format the iPhone . For this, we always recommend performing the restoration in the cleanest way possible. Therefore it is essential to have a Mac or Windows computer , as this must be done through iTunes or Finder if your Mac has macOS Catalina or later. In any case, we recommend that you carry out a backup prior to the steps to perform the restore.

We remind you that if you do not want to make a backup or you are not going to restore the iPhone with it, you will still have some data such as photos, notes, calendars and other bookmarks that you can see in Settings> your name> iCloud. Of course, you will have to configure the restored iPhone with the same Apple ID.

restore iphone

Restore iPhone from Settings

You just have to go to Settings > General > Reset and click on Clear content and settings . Once you have done it, you can reconfigure the device as new or restore a backup with your data, files and settings.

Restore with a Mac in macOS Catalina or later

  • Connect iPhone to Mac via cable.
  • Open a new window Finder.
  • Wait for the Mac to detect the iPhone and when it does, click on its name (it is located in the bar on the left).
  • Go to the tab General.
  • Click on restore backup if you have one on your Mac. If not, click on Restore iPhone.

Restore with a Mac in macOS Mojave or earlier

  • Connect iPhone to Mac via cable.
  • Opens iTunes .
  • Wait for the Mac to detect the iPhone and when it does, click on its icon (it is located at the top left of iTunes).
  • Go to the tab Resume.
  • Click on restore backup if you have one on your Mac. If not, click on Restore iPhone.

Restore with a PC in Windows

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer via cable.
  • Opens iTunes . If you do not have this program you will have to download and install it.
  • Wait for the computer to detect the iPhone and when it does, click on its icon (it is located at the top left of iTunes).
  • Go to the tab Resume.
  • Click on restore backup if you have one on your Mac. If not, click on Restore iPhone.

Take the iPhone in for repair

apple store technical support

As we have seen before, there are physical problems with the iPhone itself that can end up causing Siri to malfunction. Whether it is the microphone or any other component, it is always recommended to go to an Apple authorized service if you cannot go to the company itself. Sometimes the failure may be due to a factory defect, in which case the repair would be free if the iPhone is under warranty.

If the iPhone problem is due to a device misuse or even some accidental bump or fall , Apple will not cover the repair even if the device was recently purchased. In this case, the exact cost of the repair cannot be estimated, since it depends on multiple factors. The first of these is the component that fails, since many times specific parts are not repaired and what is done is to give the user a refurbished iPhone. Therefore, the amount of the repair is also conditioned by the iPhone model you have.

Before taking the device to repair there are more options that Apple offers us to solve the problem. One of them is to consult through the technical support chat . There a worker will help us solve the problem without having to go to a store in person. Many times it is a good solution since going to a store in person can waste time and it is possible that the fault is not so serious as to need a specialist. They also offer us the possibility of solving the problem by mail or telephone.

Apple Support

If even so we have not managed to solve the error with Siri, we will have to go to an Apple Store or to one of the stores authorized by Apple to repair devices. We must bear in mind that if we are going to go to an Apple center it is possible that they will not attend us at the moment since you have to make an appointment to go, and once we have the scheduled appointment, a specialist will give us the best solution for our device. If we want to make an appointment, we simply have to go to the Apple technical support website. Once we access that page, we will have to enter the information requested about our device and the fault it has, and we will obtain an appointment at the Apple Store closest to us.