Fix problems with notifications on your iPhone — 2022

The notification panel of our phones is nowadays a fundamental part of our lives. Whether to receive information about the news, messages from a loved one or work-related emails. That is why it is essential to make sure that they work correctly, so in this article we will tell you what to do if you have a problem with your iPhone notifications and for some reason they are not reaching you correctly.

The simplest process could be the most useful

The iPhone, like many other electronic devices of this class, executes a series of tasks in the background to guarantee the correct functioning of the device. In fact, most of the time we are not even aware that these types of processes are taking place (that is precisely why they are called background processes). Although it is not usually something that occurs every day, it is common that on certain occasions during the execution of processes errors occur in the operation of the operating system. Fortunately, the solution is extremely simple.

Restart iPhone It is the most effective solution to suddenly end all these processes that are open and that may be causing problems. The problem of not receiving notifications has other possible causes that we will analyze in later sections, but the most absurd of them is this and, as we have already explained, it can be quickly tackled. You can manually turn off the phone and wait several seconds to turn it on or, alternatively, restart it directly as follows:

Shut down reboot iPhone

    iPhone 6s and earlier:press and hold the lock buttons and the Home button until the screen turns off. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:press and hold the volume down button and the side button until the screen turns off. iPhone 8 and later:press and release the volume up button, then do the same with the volume down button and finally press and hold the right side button until the screen turns off.

Once the screen is off, it will take a short time for the Apple logo to appear, a sign that the device is turning on again. Once past that screen you will see the phone turned on having to enter the pin and password. If after that you continue to see that there are problems with notifications in iOS, keep reading because it is clear that this has not been the solution in the end.

Check the sound of your iPhone

It is possible that when you go to see the notifications you will verify that they do appear and that, however, the phone has not rung when you have received them. A very frequent cause of this is having the mobile on silent. We know that it may seem absurd, but we recommend first check iphone switch , the one on the left above the volume buttons. It is also advisable to check that the volume of notifications it's loud enough for you to hear it, which you can check with the volume buttons or from Settings > Sounds and vibrations.

iPhone on silent

A very useful check linked to this is to put a song or video from the internet with which you can make sure that the speakers work properly . If you notice a problem in this part, it could be the cause of not hearing the notifications and this would already be a hardware problem that should be checked by technical support. Sometimes it is simply dirt and with a special tool you can clean the speakers, but if there is any other fault, the specialists will check it and offer you a solution to it.

Do you have internet connection?

Wi-Fi Mobile Data iPhone

Surely you already know this, but just in case we remember that the majority of notifications received on the iPhone are produced thanks to the internet connection. Except calls, messages and other functions that do not require to be connected to the network. You will need to check that you are connected to a red WiFi or what do you have Mobile data activated. You can see all this from the Phone Settings and entering each of these parts.

It is possible that at first you think that you are connected because that is how it is shown on the device, but the best check is to go to the internet with the browser and go to any web page. This way you will be able to check if it loads, if it does so slowly or if there is an error directly. If everything doesn't work normally, you should contact your telephone company, either the one that provides you with WiFi or mobile data connection. In this way they will be able to be aware of the error and propose a solution so that your connection is good again and therefore the error with the notifications disappears.

Beware of Do Not Disturb mode

Do not bother

This iOS function is tremendously useful when we want to disconnect from the iPhone without having to turn it off or even so that at night we can sleep without frights when we receive a warning. However, sometimes it plays tricks and we have it activated without realizing it. Since iOS 13, a banner is displayed in the notification panel that warns when this 'Do not disturb' mode is active, but if you are in a previous version or you deleted it and you do not remember, you will not know from there if it is active.

Enough with open control center and check if the moon icon is on a white background. If so, it is activated and by pressing it it will be disconnected. In any case, we recommend more to go to Settings > Do not disturb , since here you will not only check if it is working or not, but you will be able to see if it is scheduled at a certain time, if notifications are always silenced or only with the iPhone locked, as well as the possibility of adding exceptions for some phone calls .

Do you have notifications activated?

iPhone Notifications

Another mistake that may seem silly, but is actually more common than you think, is having notifications turned off and not realizing it. In this case there are two variants, one is that they are all notifications off , which can be checked by going to Settings > Notifications and going to Show previews. The other case is notifications from a specific app , which you can also check in Settings> Notifications, but this time by swiping down and checking if the apps you are interested in have notifications activated.

From the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we always invite all users to make a conscious and appropriate configuration of the notifications that allow access to their device, activating those that are necessary and deactivating those that are really irrelevant on a day-to-day basis. since an excess of them can lead to a bad user experience and, above all, can affect the mental health of users.

It could be the operating system that is failing

It is not usual to find this type of problem in a stable version of iOS, but it is not ruled out either. They are the most common bugs in beta, so if you are in one of them, it is very likely that it is the cause of notifications not reaching you correctly. If you are in a normal version we recommend check for a software update from Settings > General > Software update. If there is a more recent version of the system, you must download and install it on your device. These can not only bring aesthetic, functional and security patches, but also contain bug fixes and therefore your problem could be solved.

iOS 13

If there is no pending update or there was one and the problem has not been resolved, it is possible that the problem is due to your own software. There are times when junk files are generated and although they are normally cleaned up well without us knowing, on other occasions a iPhone full format so that they can be eliminated and therefore avoid errors that can occur in various ways, one of them being the failure of notifications. The actual way to format these devices is through a computer as we already told you in an article in which we explain how to restore an iPhone.

finder restore iphone

You probably know that from iPhone Settings there is an option that allows you to reset the software and visual effects you can get a similar result. However, this restoration is not such, what is done is simply delete all the settings, but the terminal is not completely deleted and that is the reason why it must be done with a computer, be it Mac or Windows. It should be noted that once it is done you must set up iPhone as new without backup , since loading the backup could bring back the problems.

Go to Apple technical support

It would be rare that after having followed the instructions shown above, the failures with the notifications persist. However, nothing is ruled out and if you continue in this situation, it is best to contact Apple or an authorized service center . There you will be able to explain your case, indicating all the possible solutions that you have tried and they will be the ones who can help you solve this unpleasant problem.

The first option that we always recommend doing, as far as possible, is go directly to an Apple Store , yes, previously you will have had to make an appointment through its website or simply using the app Apple Support that you have available in the App Store. However, not all users have an Apple Store nearby to be able to go to it, in that case, if you have an authorized technical service, which is known as SAT, You can also bring your iPhone that the professionals in charge of giving you a solution are fully qualified for it, and the experience you will have will be exactly the same as the one you would have going to the Apple Store itself.

If you don't have a SAT near your home either or to which you can go in a short period of time, the solution that we propose is that you try to solve your problems with Apple's technical service through a telephone appointment , since in many occasions the technicians will be able to guide you step by step in the process to be able to solve the problem that you have with the incoming notifications on your iPhone. Finally, in the event that you have not been able to solve the current problems either, you will surely have to send your iPhone so that the Cupertino company itself can check if there is any fault in the device's hardware.