Solution to problems on Mac to boot — 2022

Everything seems happy when our electronic devices work, but in a way our world can come crashing down when they have a problem. More so when they are work equipment such as a Mac. But don't worry, because in this article we will help you know why your Mac won't turn on and what are the possible solutions you can take to fix it.

Nothing starts or macOS won't start?

The first thing to distinguish is whether the problem is that the Mac does not turn on in any way or that it is the operating system that does not load. If you find yourself in the first case, we recommend you go to the next section and if you find yourself in the second, with a macOS error message or similar, keep reading and stay calm because it is very likely that your computer does not have any physical problem and it is due only to the software, which is solved in a simpler way by accessing macOS recovery over the internet .

To access this functionality you must restart the Mac and just as it turns on, keep the following key combination pressed: Command + Alt/Option + R. If it doesn't work for you with these keys you can try on Shift + Alt/Option + Command + R. The moment you see a globe appear with a bar at the bottom, you will be accessing macOS Recovery and you can release the keys.

You must select a WiFi network or have your computer connected to the internet via cable to be able to continue with the process. Once you go ahead you will find a window called macOS Utilities and that will allow you to choose between the following options:

macOS Utilities

    Restore from a Time Machine backup.If you have an external device that you've backed up your data to with Time Machine, you'll need to plug it in to recover your data and leave your Mac as it was when it was last backed up. Reinstall macOS.It is used to reinstall the operating system from scratch, without any previous adjustment. If you choose this option, the system will look for this version, without you having to introduce any external device from which to copy the system. Get help online. This section will take you to the Apple website to find technical support. Disk Utility.You will be able to modify any aspect related to the disks connected to the Mac, whether it is to delete partitions, create others, restore parts and more functions.

The recommended option is the first or the second, that is, the ones that allow you to reinstall macOS in its latest available version. This way you can have the software ready again and use your Mac without problems of any kind.

Battery and adapter issues

The main source of problems related to the device starting is in the battery. Obviously, if there is no power, it will not be possible to start all the internal components. In the case of laptops, this energy can be found in the battery, this being the main focus. But it can also be due to the fact that the battery is not recharging correctly, and this, beyond being an internal problem of the laptop, can also be due to the chargers or adapters that you use. In this case, it is important to carry out a complete review of all these elements, as we will see below.

Faults with chargers and/or connectors

MacBook charger

Perhaps the most obvious first cause of a Mac not turning on is a lack of battery power. This is logically attributable to a MacBook. We assume that you have had the equipment charging for several minutes and have even kept it that way when you tried to start it, therefore we can almost take this possibility for granted. What it could perhaps be is a charger failure. Whether it's the cable, the transformer or any of the connectors. We recommend trying other chargers to verify if this is the problem.

Another very frequent case in a MacBook is that the internal device connector , and that makes charging possible, has broken down. Either due to its own use, moisture damage or some other defect, this connector can cause the MacBook not to receive the charge as it should and therefore not be able to even turn on. The most obvious recommendation for this is to go to an Apple Store or Authorized Technical Service so that they certify that this is the fault and can offer you a solution.

Battery problems on a MacBook

macbook battery

If the options in the previous section have not worked for you, it is probably the MacBook's battery that is failing. The causes, again, can be diverse. The most advisable solution is to go to a Apple Store The Authorized Technical Service (SAT) so that they can run a more complete and accurate diagnosis of what is happening to your computer. If they finally find the problem and it lies in the battery, the option that they will recommend will be to change this component for a new one. The official prices of Apple for these cases depend on the model of your equipment, finding the following prices:

MacBook (12-inch)

  • 12-inch MacBook Pro: 209 euros.

MacBook Air

  • 11-inch MacBook Air: 139 euros.
  • 13-inch MacBook Air: 139 euros.

MacBook Pro

  • 13-inch MacBook Pro (Retina): 209 euros.
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro (older models): 139 euros.
  • 15-inch MacBook Pro (Retina): 209 euros.
  • 15-inch MacBook Pro (older models): 139 euros.
  • 16-inch MacBook Pro: 209 euros.

Other problems that may occur

But beyond the battery or the adapters, you can also find other points to take into account in order to detect the problem that exists in the computer. In this case, it is necessary to detect failures in the graphics cards or in any internal component. Next we will analyze each of the points to take into account with regard to hardware.

graphics card failure

MacBook graphics card failure

Something that affects all Apple computers, whether desktop or laptop, is the graphics card. This is in charge of processing all the information related to the images you see on the screen. Needless to say, a failure in this can be crucial for the screen to appear with strange graphics, to appear turned off or even the entire computer to be unable to boot. This bug is one of the most tedious and always requires supervision by an expert, so again we recommend going to technical support so they can tell you more exactly what the bug is, since it could also be affecting other components. and therefore the repair budget could vary.

motherboard problems

Mac kernel crash

If you see this message when you start your Mac or at some point after turning it on, it is possible that the failure is due to some type of problem with the motherboard. Whether it's a defective component, moisture or liquid damage, or anything else that affects the motherboard, the computer will have trouble executing any action. Be that as it may, this problem does not have an easy solution for the user and requires going to the technical support from Apple or any other authorized so that they can change the board for another, which must be original and adapted to your Mac so that it works perfectly again.

Storage disk problems


Another failure that can be common in the entire range of Macs is that related to the storage disk, regardless of whether it is a classic HDD, SSD or the combination of both in Fusion Drive. This is another of the fundamental components of any computer, as it is the one that stores all the data. A bad disk can in many occasions not allow the operating system to load and stay in a previous error screen. Many times it can even prevent the computer from turning on, not even to show the error message. Here, once again, we recommend going to technical support.

Damaged screen

broken macbook screen

The screen is another of the fundamental axes. In this case, we focus on the iMac and MacBook, since they are the ones that have the screen already integrated into the computer, unlike the Mac mini or Mac Pro, although if you have one of these you can try another monitor to rule out the fault. In the other cases, check that the screen is in apparent good condition without any impact that could have caused it to be damaged. Try to remember if it was hit recently even though it wasn't visibly marked, as it can sometimes look good and yet be damaged enough not to even be able to display any image.

RAM may be to blame

Another element that is directly involved in the startup of a computer in general is the RAM memory. This confers the initial resources to be able to correctly boot the system BIOS and boot the software. This RAM memory can be subject to numerous internal failures. Although a priori the fact of not being able to modify it may prevent it from being damaged by manipulation, it must be taken into account that there are different relevant problems. One of the most common is basically that the component stops working, or at least one of the two modules. In this situation the computer will not be able to run. It is quite common for it to start because the plate receives electrical energy, but after a few minutes it ends up turning off.

Damage due to humidity, temperatures and others

In practically all these failures mentioned, and also in others, the damages by humidity can be decisive. We understand that no one deliberately wets a device like this and that much less takes it to a place like the beach or pool, but many times from our own home or office we can also suffer from these problems. Either because of a glass of water or another liquid spilled near the equipment or unrecommended environmental conditions. For this reason, Apple recommends not to store or use in a humid space. No matter how minor the failure, it can ultimately render your Mac completely inoperable. Again, it is technical support that we recommend as the best option to verify and offer a solution to this problem.

The high and low temperatures They are also crucial in the deterioration of a device such as Macs. That is why it is always recommended not to expose it to extreme environmental situations. Spinning with the previous point, we can see on the official Apple website that its recommendation on these devices is to keep them in dry places. This is also added to temperatures that oscillate between the 10º C and 35º C . As for humidity, they advise using these computers in places with humidity between 0% and 95% without condensation.

apple technical support website

What is shown in this article are not all the errors that can cause your Mac not to start, since they are the most common and there are some others that are less predictable. As we said at the beginning of this article, any minimum defect can cause this failure. You will have verified how most of our offered solutions go through recommending the technical service and this is because it is in Apple and in places authorized by it where we can have a better diagnosis and they will also offer the best solution. It may be tempting to go to unauthorized services , but in these not only will they not have original parts, but sometimes they may not find the fault. In the end, cheap is expensive on many occasions and if the Mac is relatively new, it is not advisable at all. If your equipment is also under warranty, you should go to Apple because it could even leave you free repair if they believe it is due to a manufacturing defect.