Solution to all Mail errors and problems on iPhone — 2022

Email is embedded in many people's lives right now. Whether in the personal, work or educational field, it is essential to have a manager who works correctly. Natively you can find Apple's 'Mail', but it can have some important problems to be aware of. In this article we tell you about the most common errors and the ways that exist to solve them.

The most common failures of Mail on iOS

Below we will discuss a series of errors that are usually the most typical to appear using the Mail app on the iPhone. It does not mean that they are faults that are always present or very widespread, but among the possible faults that we find they are the most common and that they have a more effective solution.

New emails are not synced

In general, the Mail app works extremely well with Apple services. The fact of synchronizing the iCloud account when it comes to email makes it work correctly every time. This it does not occur when using other external services such as Gmail or Outlook. If this is your case in which the emails of these services are not synchronized, you must make sure that the configuration is correct.

To perform this check, you simply have to follow the following steps on your iPhone:

  • Go into Settings.
  • Go to the ‘Mail’ section that you will find going down a little in the list.
  • Click on 'Accounts'.

sync Mail

Here you will find all the services that you have connected to Mail. In the event that you do not get any that you thought you had already added, you can include it by choosing from a wide list of servers. But if you have it reflected in these settings you can find it in each of the service windows and make sure the 'mail' option is activated . This way you can make sure everything is in sync.

In the event that this option is also active but does not appear in the application itself, here you can deactivate the option and activate it again. In this way, the service can be completely restarted and the emails will start loading from scratch.

Problems with notifications from other services

Keep in mind that notifications are important and can also end up being bugged, making you unaware that you have new emails. By default, non-iCloud services may not have notifications turned on and must be turned on. To do this you have to check it as follows:

  • Go into iPhone Settings.
  • Go to 'Mail'.
  • In the second option you will find access to 'Notifications'.

Email notifications

You will find within a section dedicated to notifications divided by each of the services you have active. Within each one you can activate the different types of notifications: on the locked screen, notification center and strips. By having all of them active at the time a new email is received in any of these services, you will be notified through notification. It is important to always check that this is active especially when you are recently configuring a new service.

Emails cannot be sent correctly

In some situations it may happen that the emails do not finish leaving your device to the server. This is usually notified through a notification on your own iPhone or through an email that comes into your inbox. This may be due to numerous problems that can occur. One of the most common is the human error of entering the recipient's email. When enter an address that does not exist or where there is an error in the domain itself, it ends up being returned and will never be sent. The luck is that the solution is easy since it will be necessary to correct the address is correct.

The real problem is when the messages do not come out of the iPhone but the email address is correct. In this situation, you have to focus on the internet connection you have. Sending to some specific servers may be shielded due to an antivirus that you may have installed on your iPhone that is blocking the entry and exit of this information. In these cases, you should always disable any type of protection you have on your iPhone that can control these connections. The same can happen when you have a VPN activated, and in this case you should also have them completely deactivated. In this way you guarantee that your connection is totally clean to be able to send and receive information without any type of blockage that could end up affecting you. The fact of also deactivating the data networks and trying with a WiFi connection or vice versa can also be an appropriate decision to solve this problem.

From the iPhone itself you can also access the web version of the different services, such as Gmail. Although it is not the most comfortable through this web version, it can also be useful if you have an urgent shipment to make.

Unexpected app crashes

Just like any other native system app, Mail can end up crashing and quitting unexpectedly. This can happen when a new mail is going to be sent or when a new service with a large amount of content is being synchronized. It can also occur spontaneously with a failure in the management process of these resources. This problem can be mainly due to a bug in the operating system itself that causes these unexpected closures. This is why it should be a priority for users to always have the iPhone updated to the latest version available. In each of the updates, performance patches are released that aim to avoid all these problems.

mail icon

Other possible solutions to errors

If the error you are experiencing in Mail is not listed in the previous sections or you were not able to solve it directly, there are other ways to fix it that can be effective. Therefore, we recommend you not to throw in the towel yet and continue reading.

Reinstall the app as if it were new

If we were talking about any other third-party application, this solution would probably be one of the most effective. However, since Mail is a native Apple app, it always leaves a certain trace of stored files even when it is uninstalled. In any case, nothing is lost by trying, especially if you also have the synchronization of the active app in iCloud. Therefore, proceed to delete it from the device in the normal way, then go to the App Store and download it again. Reconfigure your email account and check if the problem persists.

What if we restart the iPhone?

Another path that can be taken, as simple as it may seem, is to restart the device. At this time all processes are completely stopped and restarted. This will make possible bugs that the operating system has could be resolved, or at least a significant part of them. Of course, instead of restarting it with the appropriate button combination for it, we recommend that you turn it off normally and have it sleep for several seconds to later turn it on again.

Shut down reboot iPhone

The most severe solution: formatting

At this point, the only thing that occurs to us is to format the iPhone completely, although it is one of the most severe solutions when losing all the content of the device. But in this way all the problems that are causing these failures that we have discussed internally can be resolved. When formatting the device it is important not to restore through a backup that you have previously made, since you can end up extrapolating the mistake that you have previously made. In this way you will have to restore the device as if it were a brand new computer via OTA by connecting it to a PC or Mac through iTunes.