Five interesting utilities for the Apple Watch — 2022

The Apple Watch it's one of those few devices that once you try it, you can't leave it at home. It accompanies us every day, monitors our sleep, notifies us of scheduled appointments, counts the kilometers traveled... and thus a fairly extensive number of utilities.

Some of them are really interesting, but perhaps somewhat unknown to some users. Sometimes it happens that by not spending time with our device, these functions may be hidden from our eyes, even if we look at the Apple Watch hundred times in a row.

In addition to the native functions, we find another series of utilities that can help us perform some additional action. These actions are perhaps more unknown, but really useful.

Turn Apple Watch into a flashlight

yes ourApple Watch can be turned into a flashlight, both to light our way and to warn other users of our presence. This function is basic but very useful. Its use can be applied to everyday actions that arise unexpectedly and is activated from the clock control center.

In addition to this, it also helps us in situations where we need a light to be seen, for example when we are practicing sport and night falls on us. Having good visibility is vital to warn drivers of our presence, especially in areas of low light.

The Apple Watch offers us the possibility of warn to the rest of users on our step, as the lights of a bicycle would do. All this by means of a red light, a white one of maximum intensity and another intermittent.

Each of them has its uses, being the Red light to warn vehicles behind us, the White light high intensity to illuminate our path (and oncoming vehicles) and finally blinking light . The latter is quite useful to warn other road users of our presence in a complicated area, with some terrain circumstance or reduced access.

Use your microphone to record audio notes

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The Apple Watch has an extraordinary microphone . The quality for recording audio notes is much higher than we can imagine, so much so that we could even use it to record a podcast. Being understood as something accidental and from which we need an audio quality of a certain quality.

If we make any kind of presentation in the work or for university and we want to save our intervention, we have the opportunity to record ourselves on video (with the iPhone for example) and then synchronize the audio captured from our Apple Watch.

No, it is not necessary for us to have the microphone attached to our mouth, we can place it in a way natural and relaxed , without the need to force a specific position to have optimal audio quality.

Also, if we use any application like Just Press Record , we have the opportunity to record an interview, a class so as not to lose notes or simply a reminder of a specific activity with the possibility of converting the audio to text automatically. This is really useful to save us time.

Activate the camera of our iPhone

This function is quite useful, we can apply it to many examples, but possibly, the one that you will feel most identified with is the Family photos in a group. Normally we use the timer or we have to sacrifice the presence of a family member so that the rest are not left out of the frame.

If we decide to use the timer , we may be using the FaceTime camera to make sure everyone in the family is in the picture. The problem with this is that the front camera is usually not as good as the rear one.

Thus, activate the camera from our Apple Watch it becomes a good solution, since we can observe in real time what our iPhone is capturing. The moment we have the perfect frame, we can shoot our camera or add a few seconds with the timer directly from our watch.

Search for a relative

Although this function can also be used on the iPhone, it is also very useful on the Apple Watch. Thanks to this function (Find my friends), we can know at any time where is it located any family member or friend (as long as they offer their consent).

This results from utility when we have an elderly relative in our environment who is usually disoriented or when we visit a new city and we do not want to lose sight of our acquaintances.

Thanks to Siri And to this functionality, we simply have to invoke the virtual assistant to ask about the situation of that specific person (also by clicking on the app). The Apple Watch will show us a map with the exact position, where it will be updated in real time and will allow us to trace the shortest path to meet again or send a text message.

card holder

Physical cards are becoming a thing of the past, it is no longer necessary to fatten our wallet with point card from the supermarket or the gas station, we don't even need to carry our iPhone with us. With specific applications, it is possible to use our watch as a card holder.

Applications like Stocard They offer us this solution for free and very well organized. Thanks to this, several users can have the same points or discount card on the Apple Watch. Very useful in the family environment to not have to be aware of who has a supermarket points card.

These are just some of the features of the Apple Watch that perhaps are somewhat more unknown, but as we can see, they are very useful in our day to day.

What additional use do you usually do on the Apple Watch?