First steps to follow if you buy an iPhone — 2022

If you are one of those people who has just acquired a new iPhone, or you plan to do so for the Christmas holidays, this post is of interest to you, since we are going to explain the first steps you must follow when purchasing a new device with these characteristics.

First steps to follow with your new iPhone

Discovering our iPhone

The feeling of opening the box of our new iPhone is a unique experience. When we open our box, we see the careful packaging that Apple does with all its products. This is a packaging that characterizes Apple, for the care it takes and the good presentation it makes of its products.

What do we find in the box? When we open it we will find the user manuals and after these we will see our brand new iPhone. Below this we will have the Lightning to USB connector cable that will serve us both to charge the iPhone and to transfer data. In addition to this charging cable, we will have the power adapter.

first power up

The first thing we have to do when we remove the protective plastic is turn on our iPhone. This lights up on the button that found on the upper right side. When turning it on we will see the typical hello. We must slide or press the Home button to continue with the configuration. After choosing our country and language, we must select a WiFi network to continue with the configuration. If we do not have any network available, we can continue to use the mobile data of our rate.

When connecting to the Internet network, we must enter our Apple ID. This Apple account is the one we must use to access all the services that Apple offers us. If you are new to the world of Apple, you must create one using your usual email.

After this, we have to activate the location of our iPhone. This step is highly recommended, as it will help us to activate Find my iPhone, something basic in case our iPhone is lost. We will also be able to send information to Apple and developers, something that may be interesting for the company to improve the operating system.

In addition to this we will have the possibility of activating the login in two steps . This is highly recommended to be turned on for all of our Apple services as it will increase login security.

Get familiar with iOS

If you are new to the Apple world, you will not know this operating system. For me it is very simple and intuitive to use. The main difference that we have is that there is no menu of applications, but they are all on the main screen of our iPhone.

As I have said before, we have four important parts in our device. One is the main screen where we will find all our native applications and downloaded from the App Store. On this same screen, we will find four accesses to the preferred applications at the bottom.

In addition to this main screen, if we slide to the left we will find the widget part. This is included only in iOS 10. These widgets are specific to each application.

If we slide from the top to the bottom, we can find all the notifications that we have on our mobile.

If we slide from the bottom up we will find the control center. At the top of this control center we find the options to turn on/off WiFi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, portrait orientation lock, and do not disturb mode . At the bottom we have other accesses to certain applications such as the Calculator, flashlight...

If we slide this control panel to the left we will have access to the music player, to be able to control it perfectly.

Interested in getting an iPhone after seeing how easy it is to set up? Enter the website of Apple or in Amazon to make you one.

These are the key concepts you should know about your new device. If you want me to delve into a specific field leave it in the comment box .