First sensations of the new Apple Watch Series 4 — 2022

The new Apple Watch Series 4 It is already on sale in Spain. Also the new Series 3 with LTE version. The difference between the two is notable in terms of the screen, but sharing the same size.

All the attendees who have attended the Apple Store (we have confirmation in Sol), they have been able to buy the desired Apple Watch Series 4, except for the Nike version, since they have not yet arrived in Spain.

The LTE version for the Series 3 and 4 they are available under the operators Orange and Vodafone. Depending on the rate we choose, the multiSIM or eSIM could be free.

News of the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 y 3

The main visual novelty that we find in the new Apple Watch Series 4 is in its design and screen magnification , but respecting the same body as the Series 3.

The function of electrocardiogram It is another of the main novelties, although in Spain it is not yet enabled, in the United States it will arrive shortly. Interestingly, Apple got the approval a day before the last event on September 12.

The digital crown has been completely redesigned, it no longer has a mechanical operation, it has become a haptic feedback similar to that of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. The feeling is very interesting, offering a touch similar to a mechanical button.