First real image of iPhone 12 and features revealed — 2022

We should never take anything for granted with Apple. When it seems that something is confirmed, something appears to disprove it or vice versa. Rumors are always a potpourri of contradictions and although at this point in the year we usually already have a clear outline of the new iPhone, this year everything seems to be confirmed on the fly. In fact, as unreal as it may seem, there are features of the iPhone 12 that not even Apple knows yet if it will implement. We tell you below the last hour about this device.

First photo of an iPhone 12 Pro Max

We start with an image that is the first real sample of what will be the largest iPhone 12 this year. Or at least a part of it. It has been EveryThingApplePro who has revealed for the first time this photograph in which it can be seen that it is a PVT device, whose acronym in Spanish would mean that it is a test model and not a final one. In any case, it does not seem that the final model will be different from this one.

There is not an abysmal difference with what an iPhone 11 Pro Max would be, but if we look a little they become clear. The first thing is the sides, which are completely flat and with a curvature in the upper corners. A design practically traced to that of the iPad Pro of the latest generations and that does not come as a surprise now considering that it is the design that has been rumored for many months now. He too notch is present and although it is the same size, it is noted that the 6.7-inch screen is larger than the 6.5 of the current 'Max', leaving a few millimeters more space at the top.

However, the war between leakers is served Jon Prosser, who has already advanced several Apple releases this past year, responded to EveryThingApplePro's tweet questioning this image and stating that the edges of his PVT terminal are somewhat more rounded. For this, I enclose a photograph of the model that he has in his hands and about which he has obtained new information that we will talk about later.

Apple does not give up 120 Hz for the iPhone 12 Pro

Since all four iPhones this year would bring OLED screens, the main difference between the 'Pro' models and the others would be in the ProMotion technology , which is what Apple calls its screens with high refresh rates. At the moment these have only been implemented in the last three generations of iPad Pro, with 120 Hz. Several weeks ago it was stated that the performance tests had not turned out as the company wanted and due to the limited margin of changes left to the Californians had decided to give it up.

It had been being warned for days that perhaps Apple had managed to solve the problems and now Jon Prosser can confirm this theory with a video in which this technology is observed in operation, as well as the different configuration options that would even allow alternating the 120 Hz with the 60 Hz that we already have in the current iPhone.

Around with the LiDAR sensor

Design and refresh rate are aspects of the iPad that the iPhone would now inherit, but they are not the only ones. The LiDAR sensor would be the third in contention and never better said, since it is not known whether Apple will finally launch a model that has this sensor. The fact that this technology has not been emphasized with the iPad Pro 2020 could be an indication that they are saving this to announce it with the new phones.

Prosser again in his video and tweets is the one who reveals the existence of options in the settings that, at least in PVT versions, allow you to configure aspects of this sensor. As we can see, it could even serve to improve photos taken with the iPhone by having an assisted autofocus. Regarding the latter, a new video recording mode can be observed in 4K a 120 fps and 240 fps in slow motion. Functions such as a improved night mode , advanced noise reduction, video bit depth and zoom. All this, we emphasize, in the 'Pro Max' model that could well be 'Plus'.

Face ID

He has also claimed that Face ID has improved too and now it works from other angles. Prosser has not specified more about it, but it is probably already possible to unlock the phone with the iPhone horizontally as is already the case with the iPad Pro. This is also a widespread claim since the company released this type of technology with its iPhone in 2017 X.

We will continue to wait for new information and calmly analyze the full meaning of this mega leak by Jon Prosser and to which other analysts such as EveryThingApplePro have joined. In any case, there is less and less to fully reveal the new terminals. It only remains to set a date, since at the moment the company directed by Tim Cook has not given dates for a hypothetical online keynote in which to present its devices (although Prosser affirms that it will be in the week of October 12).