First look at the iPhone 13 and its design, new or continuous? — 2022

Despite the secrecy of Apple with its next phones, we can guess based on the leaks what its design idea will be like. It's not that this year's iPhones are going to have the most groundbreaking design in history, but they are expected long awaited changes in parts as striking as the screen with its particular notch. We analyze how these devices would look thanks to renders created by various designers when there are still months to go before the presentation of new iPhones.

How many models will there be and what sizes?

Apple will repeat the same dynamic of its 2020 iPhone, that is, offer four different models in up to three different sizes. In this way, the iPhone 12 would have their natural successors in the month of September, which is when they are expected to be presented and launched. Of course, its name is not entirely clear and it is unknown if Apple will call them iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s following a naming line that we have not seen since the iPhone XS.

  • iPhone 12S/13 mini: 5.4 inches
  • iPhone 12s/13: 6.1 inches
  • iPhone 12s Pro/13 Pro: 6.1 inches
  • iPhone 12s Pro Max/13 Pro Max: 6.7 inches

Reduced notch for all 2021 iPhones

Every year there is speculation that Apple will reduce the size of the notch, which is that kind of eyebrow that they have at the top of the screen and in which the front camera and Face ID sensors are housed. Precisely this biometric system is to blame for the fact that it has not been reduced, since Apple does not want to give up what is thebest face unlock on the market. The complexity to reduce this element has taken Apple almost 4 years, but it seems that it will finally be reduced and it will be done in all models.

There was already talk for months that this famous eyebrow would be reduced, although it was not entirely clear if in all iPhone 13 models and the way, since some pointed out that it would only reduce its thickness, while others also bet that they would reduce its wide. An alleged leak of the crystals of these phones came earlier this week to MacRumors , who have published this image showing that there would indeed be a reduction in this element both in width and length, which would have been achieved by joining the speaker to the upper bezel. Of course, it will be necessary to see if this causes someiPhone speaker failureby now being located in a more sensitive part.

crystals iphone 13 macrumors

We remember that these iPhone would also have other news such as Touch ID on screen and the long-awaited 120Hz refresh rate in the 'Pro' and 'Pro Max' models, something they failed to implement in the last generation for battery efficiency reasons. In the back, a similar design would be maintained, although the camera encapsulation would be changed, integrating it into a single element with a black glass that would hide the lenses.

Renders that advance your design

If these leaks end up being true, some of the renders that have been made in these months could end up being very close to reality. Although we still have months to confirm it by Apple, it is not bad to whet your appetite.

iphone 13 notch concept

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iphone 13 camera concept

iphone 13 concept

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