First dance, the new Apple videos captured with the iPhone X — 2022

First dance captured with the iPhone X . This is the new Apple advertising campaign, where they have uploaded four new videos to their YouTube channel.

In this series of videos, Apple wants to promote the use of the video camera of the iPhone X .

Short videos, very short, specifically just 16 seconds where they do what they do best, sell experiences .

We can see this series of videos on the official channel of Apple Australia released a few hours ago.

Capture the moment with your iPhone X

As we say, Apple does not sell devices in its commercial ads, it sells experiences (and it does it really well). In the videos that we present to you today, they have chosen a very generalized moment, the first dance .

The first dance campaign is linked to the Capture the moment, in the moment, with your iPhone X , where we already commented on another series of videos that made reference to this slogan.

As a curiosity, these new videos also wink at the diversity , something that Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook, promote whenever they get the chance. Honestly, with this new campaign, they have reflected it perfectly.

Honoring the truth, in each commercial, we can read how Apple adds that additional software has been used to edit this series of videos. In another previous video, he had some controversy, since Apple took pride in the camera and results from the iPhone X, but adding a small message warning that they had used additional software.

Even so, we insist that the videos send an important message, that of capture the moment with an iPhone X. It's not that other phones aren't compatible or can, just promotional its latest flagship.

Of course, with practically any iPhone of the market, you can capture moments of your day to day with a quite acceptable quality.

What do you think of this series of videos? Which one did you like the most?