This improvement will finally come to iPhone 14! — 2022

As time goes by and we get closer to the month of September, the rumors about the possible news that they can bring, in this case, the iPhone 14 grow, and in this case it is to celebrate it. After many years in which Apple has hardly improved the front camera of these devices, it seems that in 2022 it will. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

The front camera of the iPhone 14 will be improved

One of the points where the focus is always put when evaluating the improvements and novelties of each of the iPhone models are their cameras. We have had many generations in which Apple always offers more or less large improvements in its lenses, mainly in the rear. However, there are several generations that have passed without the Cupertino company also giving some love to the front lens, that is, to the camera that everyone uses to take the famous selfies.

iPhone X screen

Well, it seems that this, with the arrival of the iPhone 14 in the next month of September, could change, and it is that As the popular analyst and leaker Ming-Chi Kuo let us know yesterday , the plans of the Cupertino company would also considerably improve the benefits provided by the front camera of these models. Besides, it will be a common novelty in the 4 devices , that is, it will not be something exclusive that only users who purchase one of the Pro models will enjoy.

The hypothetical improvements that Ming-Chi Kuo talks about on his twitter would have to do with an opening of the f/1.9 lens , because of the f/2.2 they currently have, making the amount of light that enters much greater, improving the results of photographs and videos considerably. But it is that, this would not be the only novelty, since Apple also seems that will improve the focus of this lens , switching from the current fixed focus to autofocus. This will affect the depth effect in photos made with this camera, as well as the image quality that can be offered with these devices when making calls through FaceTime or other applications. In fact, if this novelty has just arrived, many users may forget to usecamera apps on iPhoneto mimic these effects, as it will come naturally with the device itself.

If we take into account these developments that Ming-Chi Kuo predicts, it makes us think that the Cupertino company can also implement the technology that iPads currently have in their front camera, such as the centered framing , something that, again, to make video calls with the iPhone would really come in handy, since we have verified its optimal operation and usefulness thanks to the inclusion in the iPad.

However, all this is nothing more than rumours, since unfortunately in order to confirm all these news we will have to wait for that event that, if nothing prevents it, we will be able to enjoy in the next month of September. However, until then there will be many leaks and news that will come out about the new iPhone models, so we will have to be attentive to see if these improvements in the front camera continue to haunt the iPhone 14 between now and its launch.