Filtered new 'cheap' iPhone in small and Plus version — 2022

After much of the iOS 14 news was leaked last week, we now know new certainties about the hypothetical second version of the iPhone SE. We have been talking about this as the iPhone 9 for a long time and it turns out that now it could be confirmed that there would not be one, but two models: version of 4.7 inches and version of 5.5 inches . We tell you all the details.

What will the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus look like?

It's the American media 9to5Mac the one that is having access to all the leaked information of these last days and also of what is related to this information. According to this medium, the two new Apple iPhones would become a renewed version of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. In this way, the company would try not to completely abandon its classic design and keep two updated devices at a cheaper price.

The design, as we say, would be the classic with home button, Touch ID Y LCD screen. The back would be made of glass like the iPhone 8 and it remains to be seen if in the same colors. In the field of cameras little is known at the moment, but everything indicates that they will maintain characteristics similar to those of the iPhone 8, with a single lens for the 4.7 version and with a double camera in the case of the 'Plus' model.

The great novelty would come in the processor, since they would mount a A13 Bionic , the same as the iPhone 11 launched a few months ago. In this way, not only power and great performance are guaranteed, but the autonomy of the device could also be benefited. In any case, on these iPhones we could have iOS updates for many years.

Price and availability

Under the premise of being an entry model, Apple does not intend to raise prices too much in these new terminals. In fact, the two current iPhone 8 models are expected to be retired in favor of these new ones. It is too early to know the price, since until there is an official announcement anything can happen, but rumors suggest that it could be around 399 Y 499 dollars respectively. Of course, it is not so clear that the conversion dollars-euros is pure.

The date on which they will arrive at the Apple Store is not clear yet. In theory they could be advertised in coming days or weeks before the end of March. However, the whole COVID-19 thing could delay not only the announcement, but also the market launch. From Cupertino they do not want to extend it any longer so that it does not get too close over time with the iPhone 12.

Did Ming-Chi Kuo fail?

Apple analyst,Ming-Chi Kuo, recently claimed that Apple was working on a Large iPhone with borderless design and with built-in Face ID. That is, a hybrid between the current iPhone 'Max' and the classic iPhone 'Plus'. We cannot rule out that this may come to pass in the future, but according to the information leaked by 9to5Mac, it does not seem that the Asian is getting it right.

We will have to continue waiting for the official announcement to finish confirming these aspects, as well as the name that the iPhone receives, since it is not yet clear that they incorporate the '9' in their name. We will also have to be attentive to any unexpected novelty, although in this case it does not seem that something surprising is going to happen in the case of two devices designed to be the cheapest in the catalog.