FiLMiC Pro Doubletake allows you to record with all the cameras on your iPhone — 2022

Smartphones like the iPhone have more and more cameras, but unfortunately there are currently no possibilities to record natively with both the front and rear cameras and do it at the same time. However, we find ourselves in the iOS App Store with applications like Doubletake, developed by FiLMiC Pro and that allows you to do it. In this post we tell you everything about this app.

What is FiLMiC Pro Doubletake

During Apple's keynote for the month of September 2019, at the presentation of the iPhone 11, a new demo of FiLMiC Pro was shown in which the possibility of record multiple shots at once with a single iPhone . At first, this was shown as a functionality within this app, although months later we have seen how it has been launched on the market as an independent and free app, at least for now.

doubletake filmic pro record multiple cameras

It is known that Doubletake is still in testing mode, so we cannot say that it is already a finished software. Everything indicates that the day it is finished it will be integrated into the FiLMiC Pro app, which is directed to professionals and is priced at €16.99 within the iOS App Store.

The aura that surrounds Doubletake could not be more positive, since the developers have already been recognized by various award ceremonies for the best applications and have managed to include FiLMiC Pro among the best in a multitude of rankings by prestigious media specialized in technology. Therefore we understand that Doubletake will go the same way and will continue to help video professionals who have even achieved shoot movies with iPhone thanks to the original app.

How Doubletake works

The first thing we need to know is that Doubletake is available for all devices compatible with iOS 13 , but the truth is that the functionality of recording with multiple cameras resides only in the devices launched in 2018 and 2019. That is, it is in the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Therefore, we can only fully enjoy this app if we have one of these iPhones.

Once we enter the app we find a simpler interface than expected . This does not detract too many merits from what Doubletake means at the moment, since it continues to incorporate professional tools. An example of this is the possibility of choosing speed of 24, 25 and 3o frames per second , as well as the parameters related to the focus . It should also be noted that we have the possibility of saving our footage in high quality formats and that can be edited later with professional software such as Final Cut and others.

filmic pro iphone 11

However, we do have to draw a clear drawback to Doubletake, and that is that many of the tools and settings are missing that are available in the FiLMiC Pro app. This, as we said before, is perhaps somewhat minor considering that it is expected to be fully incorporated in the original app in the future.

Regarding the multi camera recording We can say that we are very satisfied. Being able to record with both the front and rear cameras is something that seemed unthinkable a short time ago. In the back, we will not be able to have too much room for maneuver if we understand that in the end, iPhones with double or triple cameras use these lenses to complement each other, but we can obtain different planes in which one lens zooms in more and others zoom out. .

Is Doubletake worth it?

Taking into account that this tool is still free, we could say that it is worth at least trying the app. If you are a video professional , it is highly recommended to download the app and start testing what tomorrow will be a great functionality of FiLMiC Pro from which to take much advantage. But even if you are an amateur user you can get to experiment with this app without having to spend anything.

Yes indeed, if you have an iPhone X or earlier We don't think it's worth even trying the app, since you'll lose the star functionality of being able to record with multiple cameras. This is perhaps inexplicable considering that the main difference between the iPhone X and iPhone XS is only in the processor and a slight improvement in the camera.

After all, we are analyzing an app that is still a demo, but surely we will be able to do a much more exhaustive and accurate analysis when this app is complete and we can have all the great functions of FiLMiC Pro.