To fight! Battles between players are enabled in Pokémon GO — 2022

We already warned a few days ago: Niantic had prepared the desired battles between Pokémon GO players. Finally the developers have activated this fight function between players that will allow us to get experience and different prizes facing unknown people on the street or with our own friends rescuing the essence of Pokemon. With the arrival of the Christmas holidays, many users are going to go out with their device and Pokémon GO. With this new functionality that Niantic has developed they want to give it a fresh air to this game to prevent it from falling into monotony and oblivion.

Pokémon GO incorporates battles between players

This is a functionality that for us comes late since the essence of all Pokémon games is that of carry out battles with the Pokémon that you capture on your adventures. With this new way of playing, it is expected that all players will go out into the streets to try it and thus give new life to the game.

The only condition to be able to carry out PvP battles is have a minimum level 10 so that you have a minimum experience to make contacts satisfactorily. Although the developers they want to maintain a certain balance within these battles to avoid a huge difference between the levels of the creatures. This makes it one of the bestofficial pokemon games for iPhone.

pokemon go battles

In order to overcome this problem from Niantic they are going to sort the creatures into different leagues depending on the level. This will force you to always fight with creatures within the same classification to avoid this type of imbalance. This makes it unnecessary

At the end of the battles we will receive different prizes and obviously experience. The combat theme is quite interesting since we can use different attacks, both fast and charging. In addition, shields can be used to prevent critical attacks from excessively reducing the health of our Pokémon.

Starting a fight with another player is quite simple, needing to have a code and obviously be close to the other player, very similar to the way you trade Pokémon. But there is a quite interesting exception since if we have a ultra friendship coach we can face him from anywhere in the world. Before presenting the battle You must choose well the Pokémon with which you want to fight. r since you can only choose three. It is important to remember that if you win or lose you will only gain experience but you will not take any Pokémon from your opponent.

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