Few know this trick to free up space on the iPhone — 2022

Although we already have a very complete article commentingmethods to free up space on an iPhone, the truth is that there is one of them that deserves all the attention for being something little known. If you have an iPhone that has little free space and you need to gain some memory to save a photo, video or audio, keep reading because you probably did not know this trick that, even in an exceptional way, can get you out of the way.

The trick is to download heavy applications

If you ever had an Android device or have knowledge of Google's operating system, you may already know that it is possible to delete the cache of applications natively from the settings. In iOS, however, we do not find this option, since for this we must delete the application completely to free up that extra space that the app is consuming, even if we reinstall it later.

This actual deletion of the app could be the method to delete the cache of the app and gain some space, even if it gets reinstalled later. However, this is not the trick that we discussed, which is little known. To carry out the step we are referring to, you will need to try to look for an app that weighs more than what you have free. That is, if you have 2GB of available memory on the iPhone, try to find one that weighs at least 2.1 GB. Normally we recommend that they be games, since they are usually the heaviest. You can check how much an app or game weighs in its details in the App Store by sliding to the bottom.

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Once you locate that app or game in the App Store, you must press the download button normally. It doesn't matter if you aren't even interested in the content it offers you, because it won't really get installed. As soon as you have pressed that button, a pop-up will appear on the screen of your iPhone alerting you that there is no space available on the device to be able to execute the download correctly. One of the options that will appear in that pop-up message is Cancel, which is the one you should press.

Once you have done this, you will not have installed the application, but even if you are not aware, you will have deleted residual data that iOS contains. In fact, you can check it by going to Settings> General> iPhone Storage. What the system has done is get rid of unnecessary elements in order to gain space, all in the background. Perhaps it is not the best way to free up space if we take into account that it is not going to be a huge change, but for emergency situations it can be a tremendously interesting solution. Notably also works for iPad .

Try to optimize the space in another way

As we mentioned at the end of the previous point, this trick is ultimately nothing more than an emergency resource for certain situations. If you do not want to be continually running out of space, we recommend you take a look at the article that we linked at the beginning of this. In any case, you should know that by going to Settings> General> iPhone Storage, you can find a series of recommendations and quick settings recommended by the system itself and with which you can gain free space in a more optimal way.

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