iPhone microphone glitches and problems: solutions — 2022

If you're having trouble recording audio with your iPhone or you're seeing that your videos are recorded without sound, it's possible that the microphone is failing. There is no doubt that this is a very tedious error and more so if you depend on this element for your normal use of the device. And although taking it to repair is going to be an alternative, the truth is that there are other options that will allow you to rule out problems and even solve it on your own. If you want to know more, keep reading.

First of all, where is the microphone on the iPhone?

It may seem obvious to many, however there are those who do not know where this element is located on the iPhone. It is important that you always know how to orient the phone in such a way that it can correctly record the sound you intend to record, even more so if it fails. Well, regardless of what model of iPhone you have, the microphone is located at the bottom of the device , right where the port is to charge it and where we also find one of the speakers.

iphone microphone

It must be said that in more recent versions you could also find a second microphone In the back, located in the place where the camera module is. This microphone is normally activated when recording a video with the rear camera, being very useful to better capture the sound. And in general, at least in iOS apps, the system is capable of detecting where the best sound comes from and capturing it through one of them or making a good mix between the two to have a cleaner sound.

It should be noted that this second microphone tends to fail less often and due to its location it is not usual for it to fail. Although, logically, it falls within the statistic that can be broken. If that were the case, you should know that in the end the procedure to repair it is the same as with the other, although in this case it is only detected when recording videos with the rear. For the rest, the options that we will give you to repair the other one, also serve for this one.

when you know something is wrong

In most cases where an iPhone microphone starts to fail, it doesn't happen overnight. The most traditional thing is that it fails little by little until the time comes when no one is going to listen to you. And it is that normally third parties will inform you that something is wrong. As is logical, you will use the microphone practically every day to be able to make calls to other people or record your own audios through messaging applications. In this case, you will see some clear signs like that you have to speak a little louder with your contacts or have to repeat things a lot.

Of course, it is always important to ask if you can be heard well or, on the contrary, if your voice is heard very quietly. This is an unequivocal indication that something is happening in the microphone of your device and you are going to have to follow the advice that we are going to give you. As is logical, we recommend you try to solve it whenever you have the first indication and not prolong it. Since without the microphone in full operation, one of the most important parts of a mobile phone is obviously lost and you will not be able to make calls or send voice messages through the different applications.

Be careful how you clean it.

No matter how careful you are with your iPhone, it is inevitable that dust particles and small lint will eventually get inside the microphone. Although there are more accessible parts to clean such as the Lightning connector, the truth is that it is not as comfortable to clean the microphone. You must use a series of small swabs or brushes that are focused on this cleansing. In the case of the former, they must be those that do not release lint, while the brushes must be with soft bristles.

What not It is advisable Under no circumstances is it that you try to clean it or manipulate it in any way if you do not have some skill, since you could inadvertently damage the device. And even if on occasion you have read, heard or even seen that a pin is used to clean it, we do not recommend it either because it could be equally dangerous.

If you think that dirt may be affecting it to be able to capture the audio well and you do not see yourself capable of cleaning it yourself, it is best to go to the technical service. One way to know this is that you notice that the recordings are heard lower or with a certain canned sound that shows that, indeed, the microphone is plugged.

First things to check

Once both the location of the microphone and a fundamental aspect for its care are known, it is time to get fully involved in finding out what is happening. There are several factors that may be affecting its operation, these being the first to check. In the following sections, we will tell you step by step how you should proceed to rule them out or, if you find the source of the problem, quickly solve it.

Confirm that it is the micro that fails

It is possible that you have already verified that when you make calls your interlocutor does not hear you clearly or that he cannot hear you directly. A good method that will help you to check on your own if there is a microphone failure in this regard, and without having to call anyone, is the app Voice notes. This is the native recorder that iOS brings and in which you will have to start a recording of a few seconds, in which it is recommended that you speak to check if it is heard correctly later when you play it.

microphone failure iphone voice recorder

In case the listen well recording , it is possible that the problem is the speaker of the person with whom you have had the call, unless there have been several, in which case it would be strange if it failed for all of them and yes it could be your microphone. In the first case, the important thing will be to review the coverage of the voice of the area in which you are, but also that of your interlocutor, so that you can rule out that this is the problem.

This is something that you will also be able to see on a daily basis. If you don't want to opt for the recorder that's included natively, you're just going to have to make a traditional recording of a voice note in widely used applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. In this case, you will also be able to detect if something is wrong with the microphone and also consult with the person you are sending it to, although you can also choose to send it to yourself to assess it individually and alone.

Make sure you're not covering it up

Knowing where the microphone is (we explained it in the first section of the post), you should check if you are covering it. Due to the way we have to hold the phone on certain occasions, it is easy to tend to put a finger on the microphone, making it difficult to pick up sound. The best advice in this regard is that you always try to grab the iPhone by the sides , although always being careful that it does not slip and could suffer a blow, which would lead to new problems or even aggravate those of the micro if it already had them.

It is also important to check that the sheath protective that you have for the iPhone is not obstructing this element either. Sometimes we can find poorly designed covers, despite being official, and whose lower part is covering the hole through which the iPhone captures the sound, either totally or partially. So it's important that you check this as well to make sure there are no obstacles to getting the sound clearly.

Water can be the worst enemy

Humidity, water or any other liquid element is always an enemy of any electronic device. Even if your iPhone is certified against water and dust, in the end it will suffer over time and there are no guarantees that it will never be damaged if it gets wet. If you have recently spilled liquid or have not kept the phone in a place without humidity, it is likely that something has gotten inside and that has affected the microphone in the best of cases.

And we say that the latter would be a good position because this type of damage usually ends up affecting other components and could even render the phone unusable. If you suspect that you are in this situation, the most reasonable thing to do is to contact the technical service so that they can examine it and tell you if it is actually this fault or something else. Of course, keep in mind that in case this is the problem, not covered by warranty , so you would have to pay for the repair.

Has your iPhone suffered a blow?

iphone fall

Nobody likes the iPhone to fall to the ground or receive a blow, but they are small accidents that can be common and cause external and internal breakage of our device. If you remember that your iPhone has suffered a recent blow, despite the fact that it has not presented failures at first, it is very possible that it is the cause of the microphone malfunction.

That is why it is important to know this precedent before making the decision to take it in for repair or try to fix it yourself. What can happen in those cases in which the failure is not immediate, is that some circuit is somewhat damaged and could continue to function relatively normally until definitively and with the back and forth of carrying the iPhone around, it could end up being damaged.

Could it be a software bug?

When we talk about software, we refer to the iPhone's own operating system, that is, to the non-tangible. It is reasonable to think that this failure is due to the microphone itself, but it is not ruled out that these are caused by some poor optimization of iOS. These are the best cases, since no matter how tedious they may seem, they usually have an easy solution within your reach. What should you do to rule out this being the problem? Here are some tips:

    Check app permissions, since it is possible that the app in question that you are using does not have permission to use the microphone and therefore does not pick up sound. This can be seen in Settings> Privacy> Microphone, being able to grant the corresponding permissions to each application individually. Restart the iPhonein order to close all background processes that could be causing problems. It is recommended that you turn it off manually and wait 15-30 seconds before turning it on, so that you can make sure that all open processes have been closed and restarted without problems. Check if there is any update,since it is possible that your current version of iOS is giving that bug in the microphone and yet it is resolved with a more recent one. If you go to Settings> General> Software update, you can find the most recent version ready for download and later installation, if you really did not already have it installed. Restores the operating systemas a last resort at your fingertips. You can do it from Settings > General > Reset, although it is more recommended to do it by connecting the iPhone to a Mac or a PC using Finder/iTunes. The reason for the latter is that the first process only overwrites the data, while the second process completely deletes it. Then, you must configure the iPhone as new without loading backup, otherwise the error could manifest again.

iPhone microphone settings

Repair iPhone Microphone at Apple

If you have not been able to find the microphone failure and therefore it still does not work, it is evident that the solution is to take the iPhone for repair. Our recommendation always in these cases is to take the device to the official technical service in a Apple Store or, failing that, to a authorized technical service . Once you are in these places, a diagnosis of the problem will be made and a solution will be offered.

Normally, neither Apple nor SATs repair microphones as such. What they do instead is offer you a refurbished iPhone in exchange, this being fully functional. In any case, as the problem could derive from some other element, in the end we cannot say a exact repair price . You must also bear in mind that it may even be the case that it is a factory fault covered by the guarantee and that in that case it is a free repair.

Be that as it may, only the technical service will know how to tell you everything exactly. Remember that to request an appointment or request that the technical service pick up your iPhone at home you can go to the Apple website and go to the Support tab, do it through the iOS and iPadOS Support app or by phone (900 150 503 is free from Spain).