Quickly charge the iPhone without breaking the bank with these chargers — 2022

The latest Apple iPhones, from the iPhone 8 onwards, include the fast charging function to have our iPhone quickly charged for if we have to leave home quickly and we can't spend two hours recharging our device. The only problem that we find is that Apple does not provide us with the charger that allows us to carry out this fast charge with the device when we buy it, except in the latest high-end models.

Opening a new iPhone in the box we find a 5W charger (except the new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max) that allows us to slowly recharge our terminal. This is not done by other brands that do include a recharging adapter compatible with fast charging, but we must go through the box if we want to get hold of one of these official chargers. For example, unfortunately no fast charging charger is included in the iPhone 11 box and that was presented along with its older brothers that do incorporate it.

The best chargers to quickly charge your iPhone

To give you an idea, in the Apple Store Online we can find an 18W charger with USB-C output for 35 euros, but it does not include the USB-C to Lighting cable that costs 25 euros. Namely, We must pay 60 euros apart from our iPhone to be able to use the fast charge of our device. Below we show you a series of similar chargers but at a much lower price.

AUKEY 18W and 39W charger

The first option that we have been able to test is the 18W AUKEY charger which is compatible with many mobile devices including the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR and 11. It is certified by Qualcomm so it gives us a lot of peace of mind even if it does not have MFi authentication.

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It has a USB-A output and not USB-C, so we will not have to buy any separate cable, but the cable itself that is included with the iPhone will work for you in this case. With this charging power you can have 80% of your battery charged in a matter of half an hour. The size of this charger is very suitable, facilitating its transport when we go on a trip and also it does not get too hot while you are recharging the iPhone or any device.

If you want a much faster charge you can also buy the charger from AUKEY but with a 39W charging power. This charger also has two USB-A outputs so you can recharge two devices at the same time on the same charger. The price of this charger is €18.99.

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USB charger30W BlitzWolf with 2 USB-A ports

As in the previous case, this BlitzWolf brand charger recharges devices with a 30W power compatible with many devices. Although, if we have a device that is not compatible with fast charging, it includes an extra USB port that recharges at 5 watts.

The operation is tremendously good as in the previous case since it does not suffer from excessive heating and the size is very adequate. The possibility of recharging two devices at the same time is something that we love because of the versatility it incorporates.

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The last charger that we have been able to test and we liked it a lot for its operation is that of the brand RAVPOWER . This charger is capable of recognizing which device we are connecting to recharge thus varying the voltage exit. If we connect a device that does not support fast charging will charge it at 5 watts , but if it detects a device that supports fast charging, it will manage the appropriate power.

We quite like this variety of power and it works really well having in our home a quite versatile charger for many different situations.

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Leave us in the comment box what you think of these chargers, will you end up getting one?