Facebook responds to Apple by attacking them for an issue that has nothing to do with privacy — 2022

We begin to witness what seems like a war of words between Apple and Facebook. Everything arises as a result of Tim Cook's usual speech at the Stanford University graduation a week ago. In that speech, the CEO of Apple mentioned the poor protection of user data by some companies. Facebook seems to have taken the hint and have lashed out at Apple recently.

Facebook seeks a dialectical battle in which it has the most to lose

The middle Business Insider is the one who recounts the events that recently occurred in relation to this dialectical dispute between Apple and Facebook. According to this quoted medium, Nick Clegg , who acts as head of global affairs for Facebook, is these days at an event in Berlin and from there has taken the opportunity to harshly criticize Apple.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Clegg claimed that Facebook is a company open to everyone while other companies pretend to be an exclusive club . This reference is a allusion to Apple also due to the context in which both companies find themselves lately. The Facebook executive, also in a clear allusion to the apple firm, stated that other companies they make their money by selling very expensive hardware or subscription services, and sometimes both .

Of privacy in which user data has been seriously compromised with their marketing. Due to this, it is likely that it would not be too convenient for this company to be tricked into this type of dialectical war.

What's your opinion about it? Do you think that they are right from Facebook to respond to Apple with a subject that has little or nothing to do with what they are criticized for? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.