Facebook privacy on iPhone exposed — 2022

Privacy concerns are certainly on the minds of any user. The fear that more data is collected than we think is always there and Apple has wanted to give you a small solution. We tell you all the details of the new visualization ofapp store privacythat Apple has implemented.

iOS 14.3 reinforces privacy information

Apple in recent months has shown its commitment to privacy. There are many applications that are used on a day-to-day basis and for which there is no information about what information they are collecting. That is why all the necessary data must be provided to users to know what they are facing when they use a specific application. This type of control was initially established in iOS with the reinforcement of permissions to certain areas of the operating system such as theiPhone location information.

WhatsApp Privacy App Store

Now from Apple they have wanted to go a step further with iOS 14.3 whose final version was available to all users a few days ago. Specifically, this new information on privacy will be present in the App Store itself so that anyone, before downloading an application, clearly knows what information is going to be collected. This was something that was previously reported but in a much less visual way. With iOS 14.3, when you access the download page of an app, you will find a list with all the information that is going to be collected. This is undoubtedly one of the characteristics that we have found as a surprise in theiOS 14 news.

In some services you will find an extensive list of permissions that you must grant, such as access to location, sensitive information, personal data, photographs and an endless number of different situations.

Facebook stands out for its data collection

It's no secret that Facebook is one of those apps that if you're a privacy freak you shouldn't have it installed or even use it. Now with this new feature of the App Store, Facebook has been on everyone's lips in different social networks. This is because when entering to consult all the information that is collected, it is surprising how long the list can be. From basic information to data that is used in order to create a user profile.

Facebook Privacy App Store

But as we say, this is not any kind of secret, since this idea has been had in mind for years. Now it has been fully portrayed 'thanks' to this new feature that has been integrated into the App Store. Now there will be many users who can come to consider whether they want to use this type of application or not. Obviously Facebook has not been the only one that has been portrayed for this, but many others have also shown that they can collect too much information.

What is clear is that these types of functions are absolutely necessary for users to be able to make an informed decision whether to use an app or not. We hope that this will end up being transferred to all application stores in this clear way.