Expert analysts evaluate the fight between Apple and Microsoft to be the most valuable company — 2022

The US stock market is experiencing convulsive days due to the fight for first place. Microsoft snatched it from Apple for the first time since 2010, although hours later those from Cupertino were once again in the lead as the most valuable company.

Some economic analysts of the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal They have spoken about the battle between Apple and Microsoft, leaving interesting notes about it.

False alarm, Apple regained its position to the detriment of Microsoft

many media,including us, we echoed in the last hours of a fact in which we knew that Microsoft had become the America's most valuable company after overtaking Apple. The data and figures referred to certain moments that were experienced in the US stock market and although the data was correct, the truth is that a few hours later Apple returned to the top of the podium.

US Stock Exchange Microsoft

Both companies struggle on the US stock market

There were several occasions in which the company founded by Bill Gates was at the head of the stock market during the last two days, although at the end of these days Apple was in first place. The uncertainty generated by this news has caused two analysts from The Wall Street Journal to pronounce on the reasons why Microsoft would be giving so much war to Apple.

Microsoft recently grew thanks to its cloud services, but this is only a fraction of its future growth. Doing so (growing) implied abandoning the past, specifically a mentality that prevented them from working on technologies similar to those of their rivals.

These days, Microsoft's best-known apps are found on smartphones running Apple and Google operating systems. It is also betting on the future, although to a lesser extent, such as augmented reality and voice recognition; leveraging those efforts and its cloud business with acquisitions large and small. Jay Greene and Tripp Mickle, WSJ analysts.

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