Everything you need to know to take better photos with an iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro — 2022

Smartphones have improved a lot in recent years when it comes to photography. The improvement is such that on many occasions we can even forget about our professional cameras and achieve great results with our mobile. In the case of the iPhone, we have also seen a great improvement that has been reached on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. That is why in this post we will try to bring you the best tricks fortake good pictures with these iPhone.

Get the most out of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro camera options

Don't worry if you are not a professional photographer. After all, having an iPhone with such good cameras is also designed so that someone who doesn't know can take great photos and even begin to delve deeper into it. In this post we will not talk about technicalities or very advanced settings, we will simply give you the necessary guidelines so that you know what is most necessary to take photos with spectacular results.

Take advantage of the focus to play with the exposure

When we try to take a picture of a subject with our iPhone, be it a person, an animal, a landscape or an object, we can see that if we press anywhere on the screen, a yellow box . This is the indicator that iOS uses to indicate where we are putting the focus of our photography. This is something that you probably already knew from previous iPhones, but you may be interested to know that it is used for something else and that in these new iPhone 11 it improves considerably.

best photos iphone 11 1

Next to the aforementioned yellow box there is a symbol of a sun, which is tremendously useful so that we can test different levels of exposure. The way to access these parameters is really simple and is that just by sliding your finger up or down you can see how the exposure level increases or decreases. A good example of the usefulness of this setting is when we want to take a picture of a person at sunset; If you try it by lowering the exposure level focusing on the person, you will see how only their silhouette appears with the sunset background. The result can be spectacular.

Your iPhone will be able to select the best frame

One of the novelties incorporated in the iPhone 11 is related to the framing a photo or video and the way in which the device is able to choose the most suitable one. To access these functions you must go to Settings>Camera and once there check if the options that appear in Composition.

What causes having these functionalities active is that the iPhone will capture more information around our photo or video without us being aware of seeing the photograph. The way to verify this in the first person is by going to our gallery, clicking on editing a photo or video and when viewing the cropping settings, a larger frame that we can adjust to our liking . Of course, as reported by Apple, this added information from the camera will be deleted after 30 days if it has not been used to make any corrections, which is after all what this functionality has been added for.

Squeeze the ultra wide angle as it deserves

The new ultra wide angle implemented in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is probably one of the most outstanding and expected novelties. This objective is mainly used to have a greater angle of vision in our photographs, which gives our device new possibilities. Specifically, we can have 120 degree viewing angles.

But where is that ultra wide angle? Well, there are several ways to find it. The first one is in the normal Photo mode of the iPhone. If we zoom out to 0.5x We will see that it is already activated. It is also possible to put it directly by clicking on ,5 that appears at the bottom of the interface.

best photos iphone 11 2

One of the situations in which you can get more out of this functionality is in open landscapes , whether on a walk in the mountains or in the city. Imagine that you are in a square that you want to immortalize, because using this mode will allow you to get a broader view of that square if you stand in one of its corners.

You will also get very curious photographs with this mode if you want make everything look bigger and wider . For example, imagine that you are in a room with dimensions that are not particularly large, because if you use the ultra wide angle to take a picture you will see how visually that room seems much larger than it really is.

Goodbye darkness, hello night mode

One of the weakest points of the iPhone in recent years has been night photos or in places with low light. It is true that the iPhone XS improved considerably in this section, but seeing how the competition was acquiring improvements even with its own night modes made Apple's experience inferior. However, finally, we can enjoy these features on the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

You probably don't need to know when to use this new mode, as it's pretty self-explanatory. However, you may not quite know where it is or what possibilities it brings. This way will automatically appear in the camera interface when the camera captures low-light situations . If you look at the top right of the screen, right next to the flash, its icon appears, which you can press to change some parameters.

best photos iphone 11 3

What the lens does is nothing more than capture several images in a few seconds while opening its shutter and capturing light so that the final result is the best. The Iphone by default it will adjust for how long it should be in exposure the photo when you press the grabber. However, you can be the one who adjusts it yourself and, once you press the night mode button, you will see how a kind of strip appears at the bottom that will allow you to choose from 0 to 10 seconds . It should be noted that the maximum option of 10 seconds will not always appear, since there are situations in which iOS understands that in less time it will be able to take a better photo.

Lights, (video) cameras and action

On the subject of video, the iPhone has always been characterized by being at the top thanks to its great combination of hatdware and software. Now we find that the stabilization It has improved even more and our videos will be much more professional without having to use a tripod or any other accessory, whether we are in a fixed plane or in motion.

Beyond visual improvements and higher quality, you can now enjoy additions such as the shark effect , which is able to push the background away while the main subject gets closer. To achieve this effect, the iPhone must be moved at the same speed that we zoom in.

best videos iphone 11

To be highlighted is the new front camera capabilities , which in addition to adding slow-motion recording that we will discuss later, has also added the possibility of recording in 4K. This novelty can be tremendously useful for certainapps like Filmic Pro, which allows record a video with the rear and front cameras simultaneously .

Collective selfie? Now there are many more people

The front camera of the iPhone has been improving over the years and even more so since the selfie craze began. However, we found ourselves with a very small angle with which we had to stretch our arms too much to take a photo with the front in which several people appeared. This is over, and while it is true that we do not have an ultra wide angle as in the rear, it should be noted that the angle of view has been widened considerably .

best photos iphone 11 4

If we want to take a closer selfie, we can continue doing it as before by default. But if what we want is for more vision to be captured from our photos or for more people to appear in our collective selfies, we must click on a icon with arrows at the bottom of the interface and that will help us to change between these two modes.

Don't say selfie on video, say slowfie

We have already talked about selfies, but not all the news is based on these classic static photos. Apple has wanted to open up a new spectrum of possibilities with the so-called slowfies, which are slow-motion videos made with the iPhone's front camera, as can be seen in this tweet from technology blogger Bob Linux.

The use that each one wants to make of this slow-motion recording with the front camera is indifferent. During the presentation event of these iPhone 11 we saw that it can be used for more fun than serious situations. In this way you can, for example, blow your hair (or wig) in the wind with a result that can be very professional. Capturing gestures or actions are other possibilities offered by this new functionality.

New ways to shoot video and burst

The way of record videos has also changed. We continue to see how the video mode appears in the interface modes, however now it is possible to record even when we are in photo mode and we want to quickly make a video. How? Well, in the same way that it can be done in other apps like Instagram: holding down the capture button and with the possibility of sliding it to the right so that it stays fixed recording without having to hold your finger down. Of course, we can continue to have the ability to take pictures even when we record video as was the case on previous iPhones.

best photos iphone 11 4

But have they disappeared? photo bursts ? Well, no, it's just that the way of doing them has changed. Previously if we wanted to do many photos at once , what is called a burst, we had to do the same thing that is done now to go from photo to video. Now the way to take a burst of photos is tap and swipe left on the capture button . Once you want to finish the burst of photos, you just have to lift your finger from the screen.

And what about portrait mode?

Of course, not only have new modes and possibilities been added to the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. Other modes already present on iPhones, such as the popular portrait mode, have also been improved. In this case we see that they have added improvements thanks to the lenses and their integration with the operating system , which leads to a considerable improvement when it comes to seeing how the approach is correct.

iphone portrait mode improvements

Both front and back portrait modes have built-in new blur effects like the so-called Mono High Key Light, which leaves the face in black and white and blurs the background leaving it white as if there were a giant spotlight behind it. However, this novelty is not exclusive to the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, and it is that also available on iPhone XS and XR of the past generation. But if you want to have fully professional settings, you can findcamera apps for iPhonethat allow you to have absolute control over the hardware.

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