Every day a background on the Mac with Unsplash Wallpaper — 2022

Being able to change the wallpaper of our Mac is a good way to personalize the equipment more, even give it a breath of fresh air from time to time and can even make us feel in a certain way that we are not using the same equipment. There are many image banks where you can download good wallpapers and here we will talk about Unsplash Wallpaper, an application that allows you to change the wallpaper of a Mac automatically.

First of all, what is Unsplash Wallpaper?

Unsplash Wallpaper App Store Mac

This is one cross platform app that we can find not only on the Mac, but also on the iPhone and iPad. It is available on the App Store and is completely free , so you won't have to go to the internet and portals of dubious reliability to download it. In iOS and iPadOS we will comment on its functionality later, but the one it has on Mac is really attractive because it allows us to meet hundreds of high-quality images that will be perfect as a background on the desktop. In addition, its most outstanding function is to allow the application to change that background with certain frequency. It should be noted that it is in English, but it will not be difficult for you to understand even if you do not master this language.

It has no interface and is camouflaged in the toolbar

A program or application that does not have an identified interface is strange to say the least, but it does not have to downplay it. In fact, Unsplash Wallpaper is not the only one that has this format and despite this, it is a great utility. When you download the application on your Mac you will see that nothing appears when you open it, but if you look at the top there is its icon, which you can press to access its functions.

Settings Unsplash Wallpapers

When it is closed it will also disappear from this place, although it is possible to make it always stay there to quickly resort to it at any time. To do this you must open its settings (slot icon), go to Preferences, activate the Launch on system startup box and press Done.

Automatic change of wallpapers

We have already been warning you from the beginning that this is the most outstanding function of this application and the time has come for us to tell you how it works. For configure You must go, as we mentioned in the previous section, to Preferences. Once in this place you must activate the Update on all screens and desktop box and in the drop-down list select the frequency what do you want.

    Dailythe wallpaper will change every day. Weeklywill make the wallpaper change every week. ManuallyIt won't automate anything but it will allow you to be the one to change the background whenever you want. Once you select any of these frequencies you must press Done.

It should be noted that it is possible switch manually the background if you are not convinced, having to press the icon with the arrow that appears above it when opening the application tab. If you also find a background that you particularly like, you can download it to your computer by pressing the corresponding Download button.

Wallpapers of different themes

Images Unsplash Wallpapers

As simple as the automatic change function may seem, it is tremendously convenient so you don't have to search for wallpapers every time. All the backgrounds stand out for having an amazing quality and we find all kinds of images of landscapes, animals and cities, as well as other more abstract ones. Another aspect by which Unsplash makes a difference is by adding the author of the photograph, which allows us to search for more works that they have on the network if we are interested. If you also click on the square icon with several points you will be able to find all the possible themes, being able to select those that you want to be displayed. By clicking on the other icon with an arrow in the shape of a clock you will find the main images of the selected themes.

Unsplash Wallpaper on iPhone and iPad

Unsplash Wallpapers iPhone

As we warned at the beginning, this application is also present in iOS and iPadOS. Their Catalogue of backgrounds is adapted to the format of the screen as it happens on the Mac and we also find works of very good quality and even some also come from those of macOS. Nevertheless automatic shift functionality is lost . In any case, it serves perfectly as a bank of images in which to investigate from time to time to change our backgrounds, finding in this case a simple and attractive interface in which the backgrounds will also appear categorized by theme.